What is SEO? Know Oman WhatsApp Number List about SEO SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization is defined as the technique aimed at acquiring targeted web traffic to its website from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex or any other search engine (which is increasingly similar to more to a response engine). All this while improving the visibility of the site’s pages in organic results. Summary Why is SEO important? SEO and SEA Below is the breakdown of the sites being the largest sources of traffic on the internet (September 2018 figures provided by Sparktoro ). ranking-sources-of-traffic agency 90 We can see that almost 60% of all internet traffic starts with a Google search.

If we add to Google the figures relating to other big players like Youtube, Yahoo and Bing we arrive at almost 71% of the total web traffic which comes directly from search engines. distribution-traffic-web agency 90 The need for SEO Consider that you are a company specializing in garden equipment. According to Google, 1,600 people search for “garden equipment rental” every month in Google France. Consider that the number 1 result in Google receives 20% of all clicks, this represents 320 visitors to your website each month if you are ranked first in the SERPs.

How Does A Search Engine Work?

1st-result-google-clicks-percentage agency 90 Now let’s quantify that. What is the value of these visitors? As part of an SEM strategy , if you would run SEA campaigns on Google Ads , the average cost per click (CPC) for this keyword would be $ 1. This means that attracting 320 visitors via advertising campaigns on Google Ads would cost you 320 euros per month. how much does web-agency visitor cost 90 And that only matches one query. If your site is optimized for SEO, then you will be able to rank for hundreds (sometimes thousands) of different keywords. In other industries such as real estate or insurance, the value of traffic from search engines is significantly higher.


For example, marketers pay an average of $ 11 per click for the search phrase “auto insurance quote”. cpc-auto-insurance agency 90 SEO and SEA The results displayed by the main engines are divided into two specific categories: on the one hand organic results (SEO), and on the other, paid results (SEA) also called sponsored ads. seo-vs-sea agency 90 Organic search results When we talk about organic results, which also refer to SEO results, correspond to results whose display is 100% based on relevance and quality. It is not possible to pay anything to Google or any other search engine in order to appear higher in the organic results.

keywords How To Optimize Your Content For Seo?

Google’s search engine ranks its organic results according to 200 different positioning factors. These results are perceived by the search engine as the web pages that it will judge as relevant, qualitative and authoritative on the topic. results-organic-best-quality seo More details are provided later in this article regarding how the search engine algorithm works. But for now, the important thing to keep in mind is that when we talk about SEO, it’s all about ranking a site’s pages higher in organic results. Paid results

Paid results are advertisements (for which you pay) that appear at the top or bottom of the natural / organic results. display-results-paid sea It is important to remember that paid results are completely independent of organic results. Ads in the paid portion of the results are displayed relative to the cost you will be willing to allocate for each click generated by a visitor. How does a search engine work? When you search for something on Google, Bing, Yahoo or Qwant, an algorithm works around the clock to give you what the engine will consider to be the most relevant result. Google analyzes its index composed of several billion

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