Advergames have been around for a while and some of them have been quite successful. We separate some examples for you to get inspired.

1. Chex Quest (1996)
Perhaps the best advergame of all time is this beautiful DOOM mod known as Chex Quest, a campaign promoting Chex breakfast cereal.

The developers took a game that was well known at the time and made it available to children by reducing the level of violence, increasing Chex’s sales by more than 200%.

The game continues to have many loyal fans and, to this day, has two more sequels.

2. CrazyTaxi (1999) Iceland WhatsApp Number List

This is one of the funniest advergames out there!

It’s so crazy and captivating at the same time that it’s hard to believe it’s an advergame until you come across a giant KFC sign in the middle of a race.

Throughout the Iceland WhatsApp Number List game you can find many billboards and brand name stores like Levi’s and Pizza Hut. This type of marketing is very clever, because while it makes the game more realistic, it also advertises various brands.

3. Chester Cheetah: Too cool to fool (1992)
Developed for the Super Nintendo, this advergame was released to promote its pet Cheetos (Elma Chips), Chester Cheetah.

It Is a Side-scrolling Game Iceland WhatsApp Number List

Iceland WhatsApp Number List

In two dimensions, that is, 2d, (mario style, played from left to right). In which the player can eliminate enemies by jumping on them.

The strange thing is that at no time in the game is the brand’s. After that, Product mentioned, but in any case it was an excellent way to promote snacks.

Thinking of creative ways to promote your clients’ brand is no easy task. After that, To develop good advergames, you need intense market research. However, And good ideas for mechanics, scenarios, characters. And, as if that weren’t enough, an excellent team of programmers.

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