Have you ever thought that your cell phone is spying on you? Have you ever considered how to get ads about the items you plan to buy? Do you get notifications UAE Phone Number about deals and sales as soon as you arrive at all the stores? Or did you get a ticket when you passed a coffee shop or coffee shop? We all UAE Phone Number experience it. Maybe Google broke the code in our minds. Or is it just a clever marketing ploy. What if there was a way for you to sell your product or service even to a competitor’s store Simply put, geofencing marketing.

When You Mark a Place UAE Phone Number

A neighborhood, house, or place on a digital map and as soon as someone enters that area, they are sent to it. these are your marketing campaigns. Geofencing UAE Phone Number marketing is included in the category of location-based marketing strategies. It’s a type of marketing that allows marketers to target an audience with a more personalized experience. Uses geographic location with the help of GPS and satellites to send UAE Phone Number specific location ads to the target audience. The best part of a geofencing marketing campaign is its lack of specific size.

This Means That Companies UAE Phone Number

UAE Phone Number

Brands of any size can take geofencing marketing as an option. The second question now arises: how do you decide whether the fence will be large or small? Yes, in general UAE Phone Numbers you have the ability to extend the boundary of the fence up to 1000 meters and less than 200 meters. A brand has full potential in its geofencing marketing campaign. Your campaign can include anything from promotions, discounts, invitations UAE Phone Number to simple greeting text in case they want to stay. You don’t always have to spoil them with offers.

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