Frontend developers often use javascript frameworks such as React, Angular or VueJS. This gives you complete freedom to create the ultimate custom solution that meets all your needs and requirements. Big names like Tesla, Netflix and Airbnb use React to offer the ultimate experience. The use of such frameworks ensures that you gain total control over both the look-and-feel and the technical preconditions to optimize the user experience.

Attractive preconditions

The ‘truly headless’ approach has less overhead, is lightweight and therefore more resistant to peak loads, such as in the run-up to holidays. In general, the license costs or annual Chairman Email Lists subscriptions are also lower. According to Google Trends, the topic of ‘Headless CMS’ has been on an upward trend since 2017. But what exactly is a headless CMS ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this? Do you always have to choose between a traditional CMS or a headless CMS? Or is there a third option?

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Disadvantages of a headless CMS

Above I mainly mentioned technical arguments and with that you also immediately have an important disadvantage of a completely headless CMS.

Dependency on development team

The technician is behind the buttons to make changes to the implementation and presentation. As a marketer, do you want to change the layout of a page or would you rather drag that banner to a different place? Then this is only possible once this functionality has been added. Also quickly introducing a new page that is not completely based on a template is a lot more difficult.

Adding new functionality and the speed with which this happens is completely dependent on your development team. In many cases, the development team is responsible and you cannot turn to the supplier if a standard component does not work, as the development team most likely developed it itself. The maintenance costs will therefore certainly increase with this variant. It is wise to take this into account with a truly headless solution.

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