The feedback is adde to the working document and preferably place back in the online work environment. Depending on whether feedback is given, the message goes back to stage 3 or continues to the next stage. The expert may decide to keep the article or to submit it to a second expert.

Phase 6: final assessment (optional)

This phase is usually only relevant for self-developd messages. The text is ready and substantively checked. Prior to the final editing phase, the director or editor-in-chief first wants to see the message.

Should feedback be given, the message can be revertd back to phase 3.

Phase 7: final editing

The editor-in-chief assesses whether the text has been written correctly. He/she looks at spelling, sentence structure and text structure. The message is checkd against the guidelines of digital accessibility. The previously proposd publication date will be considere and updated as necessary. A colleague of the VP Risk Email Lists editorial team then reads the message or article. Ideally, this is the director, editor-in-chief or a fellow editor. He/she gives feedback on the structure of the text, content and core message, consistency with other messages on the same theme. He/she also refers to possibly relatd sources and makes a proposal for a possible publication date. In case of doubt, a final check on the core message (director) and/or a final substantive test may be necessary (substantive expert).

VP of Risk Email Lists

Step 8: Publish

The floor manager (execution coordinator) places the text online and/or on. check takes place immediately the socials. The message is copie step-by-step on the basis of the header structure. Links and tags are adde where relevant. He/she also chooses the accompanying visual material; often it concerns stock photos or images of the organization itself.

After placement, a visual check takes place immediately and links are teste. Where necessary, the editor-in-chief gives final instructions about the form.

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