like to buy a business in the (fill in the category) field. Immediate cash available (again, not necessarily your cash). Question: Are there any “back door” ways to find good businesses for sale? Answer: Actually, those individuals who come Dominican Republic Phone Number through the back door are your potential suppliers, who always seem to know who in their industry is eager to sell. How can they  You can tell them you would like it to be a mutual back-scratching situation, meaning that they give you the names of clients they believe .

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Would be willing to sell and you, in return, would become a loyal and perhaps more active customer of theirs. Question: How do I find the suppliers? Answer: Simply ask people in the business. For example, if you wanted to buy a bookstore, ask the manager of your bookstore for the name of their local wholesaler. Then call and ask to speak to the salesperson for the particular geographic area in which you are interested. Suppliers frequently.

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Have close relationships with their long-time customers and can be a very good resource in finding the right business opportunity. They will save you time and money in your search for potential sellers in your desired industry. Question: What about making an offer to the company you work for? How often does that happen, and how would I broach the subject? Answer Actually nearly.

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