Google search console is an easy-to-use seo tool. This tool will show the process of how Google displays search results.

Not only that, you can also do a test, whether the word content on the website is relevant to the keywords from the search.

You can also use google webmaster


tools to analyze content just by entering a url. It doesn’t take long because the results of the analysis can be easily seen. It’s in accordance with what Google asked or not.

Every week, you will get a share of using this feature up to 500 times. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

2. Moz pro
Which, indeed, moz is not completely free. In order to use the best features, you must subscribe to moz pro tools.

Moz pro has many options that can help you optimize seo Greece Phone Number on website content in general. There are also tools to increase traffic, to analysis of poor quality content.

Hubspot website grader

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Apparently, hubspot has tools that can be used to analyze website seo optimization. His name is website grader. In its latest update, Hubspot designed a website grader as a seo tool with a more personal reporting system.

Reports that can be viewed include:

Mobile readiness
4. Semrush
The best free and cheap SEO tools

Who is not familiar with this one seo tool. Semrush can provide guidance on what you need to do from the dashboard. Users can quickly find out what the website lacks and how to optimize it.

Moreover, semrush is equipped with a very beginner friendly and complete semrush interface. For example, website audit features and keyword tracking to determine suitable keywords.

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