Traveling to the past is now possible thanks to history podcasts that take us back in time. We want to help you achieve this, and for this reason we have compiled the 15 best history podcasts, with which you can learn while having fun and traveling back in time . Myths, wars and battles have a place in this type of content, thanks to podcasters such as Nacho Ares, Dani Caran, Fernando Díaz Villanueva or Nieves Concostrina. Enjoy it, on iVoox! Discover here the best podcasts in history: Cassus Belli Live the war history of the 21st century with Casus Belli , the podcast with which you can learn about all the stories, characters and achievements of military engineering.

What are you waiting for to listen to it? HistoCast With Histocast you will be able to know first-hand the keys that will allow you to understand geopolitical news, as well as the historical events that mark your agenda. The Compass Scobula In La Escóbula Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number de la Brújula you will find weekly the best gatherings in which topics of history, legends, mystery and magical places are discussed. Essential! Antenna History The podcast that covers all facets of history, dealing with its military, social and political fields. Press play and learn facts that are sometimes little known! The CounterHistory Discover the story as you were not told in school with the great Fernando Díaz Villanueva, a journalist who brings rigor, documentation and context to all his episodes.

Meet the Great Civilizations with Curiosities

The lost library Bikendi Goiko-uria, Mikel Carramiñana and Pello Larrinaga get in front of the microphones and carry out this magnificent program of historical dissemination, made by and for lovers of this epic and great adventure called humanity! The Bear Hug If you like history, science and outreach, you can’t miss El Abrazo del Oso , one of the oldest podcasts on the platform. He has been communicating for restless minds… Since 1996! BE History The writer and historian Nacho Ares analyzes some of the most important events in world history. For you, who love to learn… This is your podcast! Victoria Podcast Conflicts, discoveries, explorations or the great deeds of the history of humanity have a place in this jewel of the Casus Belli factory .

However, was the discovery of Tutankhamun? What is the story of Dracula? Press play and discover these and many more topics! All Concostrina Another of the essentials of history is Todo Concostrina , a special podcast. However, has the peculiar look and style of the journalist and writer Nieves Concostrina. She follows him and finds all the content of her other two shows From her: Any past time was before and It happens that it is not little . However, tortoise La Tortulia is not a typical history podcast. His angle is always focused on the dramatic, the hilarious, or often both. Hear interesting things while discovering new ones! Rome Aeterna Roma Aeterna is a podcast dedicated to the history of Rome since its foundation. Get to know its myths.

The 15 Best Podcasts in History (2022)

However, We also have Medievalia in this top 15 , a fascinating podcast about the Middle Ages to discover all its secrets. Do we travel to the past? Express Story Historical events narrated in a simple and informative way. A great podcast to learn about events, facts and characters that have marked history. Curiosities of National Geographic History Rome, Egypt, Greece… Meet the great civilizations with Curiosities of History , a podcast to learn about their best stories, rarities and singularities. Frequent questions Where can I find History podcasts? All these history podcasts and many more for free from the iVoox App on Android and iOS , and on its website . All you have to do is go to the Explore section and filter by the History category . Do you want more? Don’t miss Trends in History , a playlist with the most popular and recent history and humanities episodes.

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