Armando Maradona left us A year later, the memory of Pelusa is still alive in the minds of many of us: fans, football lovers and, above all, those who were his teammates and the people closest to him. To commemorate this date, we are very happy to tell you that we have decided to launch the Year I after Diego podcast , a series of five chapters to remember the career of the great Argentine soccer player. The first two episodes are now available to all listeners, and there will be a new installment each day until the end of the series. The program is a production of Mundo Deportivo, together with the Líbero Magazine and Big Audio Media, which reviews the most important moments in the life and professional career of El Diez.

Anecdotes you didn’t know about Maradona’s life Year I after Diego is done under an interview format, and people closely linked to Maradona review the most relevant moments of his life and professional career. Participating in this emotional series Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers are those who were the footballer’s physical trainer, Fernando Signorini; his biographer Daniel Arcucci; his personal photographer Ricardo Alfieri; the agent who brought him to Europe, Josep Maria Minguella; as well as some of the players with whom he shared a dressing room, such as Tente Sánchez or the journalist Quique Guasch. All of them reveal data and little-known anecdotes from the life of the mediatic soccer player of all time.

Ivoox Exclusively Launches

A podcast to reach new audiences Juan Ignacio Solera, founder of iVoox comments. With this premiere, we reaffirm our commitment to creating unique and free content. Our listeners. Diego Armando Maradona is a world-renowned figure. And we are convinced that the launch of this monograph will serve to bring the podcast closer to new audiences Spain and Latin America.” This addition adds to the iVoox Originals catalogue. Which already has close to 200 original podcasts and more than 60,000 episodes. On its app and website, with new content every week.

Our proposal allows us to achieve a viable and sustainable economic model. Which combines income based on the audience, support from its fans and sponsorships from big brands. Underlines the founder of the platform, Juan Ignacio Solera. An acceleration plan It is a model that is committed to the quality of the podcast. And seeks to take it to a higher level: The acceleration by this plan has been demonstrate in these 3 years. That it has been running. A clear example is Roma Aeterna , “an excellent podcast that had about 10,000 listeners. A month before entering, and that after its inclusion in Originals now has more than 80,000 views,” Solera concludes.

on November 25, 2020 Diego

This is essential especially for the independent podcaster. Since thanks to a 360º representation at a commercial, distribution and monetization leve. They multiply their audiences by up to 1,000, and can achieve personalized campaigns. On sponsorships and branded content actions with brands such as HBO , TikTok or Disney. This is possible thanks to visibility actions within the platform, since “at iVoox we guarantee. Moreover, counted downloads are actually listen to. A solid audience and reliable metrics allow marketing between agencies and brand. Explains Solera. Podcasters and producers continue betting on iVoox Originals.

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