The Austria Phone Numbers List  Of Concept – POC (in French: “Proof of the concept”), is an experiment which aims to test one or more solutions and to provide concrete proof of its feasibility. Used very early in the project management process, it participates in the framing. It can also take the form of a mini project. Popular with the “Agile Method” (to go further on agile methods, see there , there , there or there ), it nevertheless applies to various and varied subjects such as the creation of a new product, development of ” an IT tool or the reorganization of a department. Indeed, many projects start with a test phase to validate the initial hypotheses. This

experimentation is therefore fully in line with a context requiring ever more agility and speed in the face of a customer becoming more and more impatient. 3 main characteristics and a closed response This experiment is characterized by 3 main aspects: A defined period (rather short otherwise it is no longer a POC) A real situation (if the data that will be handled are not real and used day by day, nothing is proven at all) A representative scope (if the assessed scope is outside the overall scope of the project, it will still be necessary to prove that the solution is also adapted to the elements of the project! We have therefore not proven anything!) The purpose of a POC being to demonstrate the feasibility of a system, it consists of

5 Good Reasons To Carry Out A Poc

answering the question ” Can this be done?” »With the following 2 components: is the chosen solution the right one? / Are we able to implement it? The answer is yes or no , ” GO ” or ” NO GO “. 5 good reasons to carry out a POC Be reassured very quickly when you have doubts about the choice of a solution and its ability to meet the needs or even on the feasibility of a development. In this case, the POC will make it possible to challenge the potential or to validate the compatibility with the existing IS. Thus the client or the sponsor has for his part a guarantee that his project is moving in the right direction or is in good hands.


Obtain strong support from the profession by involving them as early as possible in discussions and choices vis-à-vis the solution (s). The more change management is carried out upstream and in collaboration with end users, the more likely the project is to succeed. Identify a first level of risks and quickly eliminate potential problems that could appear in the rest of the project. It may be a weak point in the solution to be tested or an already identified risk, functions not covered, potential integration problems, specific configuration needs, etc.). Have tangible elements to size a macro budget and a mechanism for

Be Reassured Very Quickly

implementation (Who and how many business representatives? What level of involvement by the IT department? What support for the rest of the project?). The POC can make it possible (if it has not already been done) to identify the expectations and prerequisites of the project. Facilitate decision making with minimal investment. The client or the sponsor has for his part a guarantee that his project is in good hand, all this without having swallowed up too large a budget. Conclusion: the POC is an often essential phase for a complex project Although the POC requires financial resources, it can prove to be an essential phase for

the company in the implementation of a complex project. Initially, the POC makes it possible to test a solution in a real situation and to measure its technical or operational feasibility. In other cases, it can also be beneficial in case of doubt about the chosen provider and solution. Thus, it can allow in this case to analyze several solutions to choose the one that best meets your expectations. This key phase makes it possible to reduce risks and uncertainties, make informed decisions and ensure development in line with the expectations and objectives of the project. It thus validates the merits of the project.would be infinitely more useful than a long list like the arm of names of exponents which evoke several solutions to see

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