The topic of the day is a dictionary for communicators, which could also be useful for non-communicators. A small book and a big ambition, a useful book New Caledonia Email List by Frédéric Fougerat, director of communication at Foncia: Le Dico de la Com – Reference dictionary of communication words. Communication is a fascinating profession exercised by enthusiasts, who sometimes tend to resort to jargon which is unfortunately a little obscure, to put it mildly.

Frédéric is also passionate, but he has done useful work by putting himself at the level of the non-communicators who would like to communicate better with the communicators. In short, a story of communicators and this is not a new song by Maurice Chevalier. In this short interview, I submitted to Frédéric, 5 terms from his dictionary in order to demonstrate their interest by example.

A Dictionary For Communicators And To Clarify Certain Definitions

This book therefore allowed him to share a proposition for these words, to clarify certain definitions , and, more simply, to update his own knowledge. Buy Frédéric Fougerat’s com dico , a dictionary for communicators and non-communicators who want to understand them – Studyrama “There are many jobs in communication. When you’re in press relations, you don’t use the same jargon as in advertising, printing, digital, financial communication, ”underlines Frédéric.

New Caledonia Email List

Sometimes we have to switch from one to the other. Not everyone is an expert in all trades. Sometimes, we find around the same table people from different professions and who do not necessarily share the same experience or the same jargon. However, this is not enough. A good white paper cannot be the juxtaposition of testimonials. We thus denounce the myth of the collaborative white paper : it is not because the contributors bring the heart of the material of the book that we must imagine that it is they who do all the work. It is also necessary that the testimonies be put in context, respond to each other, shed light on different facets of a problem. This is the educational dimension of the white paper.

An Easily Accessible Dictionary For Communicators, Students, The Curious …

This dictionary is very easy to access, specifies Frédéric, and is intended for professionals who may wish to refer to it, as well as for students who need to discover or complete their knowledge, or for curious people who like books, want to discover the history, the culture, the environment of the communication professions.

It is not intended as a scientific and academic dictionary which would only address experts and specialists .
Definition n ° 1 of the dictionary of communicators: easy facial communication Easy facial communication (an expression invented by Frédéric) designates a small communication boost based on an immediate effective effect, and not on elements or content that would ensure lasting promotion of the brand. There is probably no one way to write an effective book. But I have acquired a conviction: our white papers meet their targets because they are real books, with all the qualitative aspect that this entails.

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