It’s almost obvious: a well-made newsletter allows a prospect (or a client) to be informed, to provide him with useful and relevant content, to possibly offer him an offer, and of course to make an impression (notoriety).

And yet … Monday morning, you do your routine: you open gmail (or any other email tool) and you delete a number of newsletters received, without even opening them. You subconsciously tell yourself it’s going to be too commercial, not interesting. Knowing that it is quite possible that you have set up a newsletter yourself, which will perhaps also end up in the recycle bin of its recipients.

Have The Necessary Resources

Before launching headlong into setting up a newsletter-type emailing campaign, you obviously need to make sure you have the means to do it. Time: Between creating the template, writing content, Christmas Island Email List statistics, it takes time. And depending on the rhythm of the shipments (weekly, monthly, bimonthly, etc.) this can quickly become an important task Skills: Making an effective newsletter is a difficult exercise. You have to master both the graphics (for the creation of the template and its possible updates), the writing (to offer quality content) and possibly skills in terms of tools (if you use a tool to manage your campaigns).

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Budget: If you don’t have the skills internally, you have to get support. Either by freelancers (for specific tasks), or by an agency (to cover the entire project). Be careful to ask yourself the right questions to choose your digital partner. So once you’ve made sure you’re in good company, you can move on.

Define A Precise Role For The Newsletter

Surely you have a lot to tell: events, blog posts, press articles to relay, job offers, etc. It is then easy to want to mix everything together, without connection, aimlessly, and make it look like much more. Be concise and choose a specific , understandable topic , and stick to it! It will be much easier for the reader to understand the subject and see where you are going. 3 / Be informative, more than commercial Does a newsletter that looks like a supermarket flyer make you want to take 5 minutes to read it? Obviously no. So create value for the reader : be informative!

Take out all the commercial part (which talks about your products or services) and focus on the topics that your followers are really interested in. 4 / Have an impactful subject What’s the first thing you see in your inbox? The subject of the emails. And when you see a series of “The newsletter of the month of June” or “News from [the company]”, it makes you little want to open the email.

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