When we are doing consulting we are always asked what to do on Twitter to take advantage of it, and the truth is that we almost always answer that Twitter is perhaps the most complex channel when it comes to having a more business presence in digital media. Today we clearly know that being on Twitter transcends the metric of followers and that success comes with more than just trying to make people like you . We read in this infographic that 55% of people follow brands on Twitter because they like them (67% are inclined to buy their products), but if things start to go wrong they won’t think twice about stopping. follow the. It’s really complex to keep all the fans happy.

Especially avoidable– why people stop following your brand and. We bring them in this post to help you identify them in your daily activity within the Argentina Phone Numbers channel. Reasons people unfollow your brand you are not interacting According to some data. 21% of people unfollow accounts without tweets that promote a conversation. Your brand/project may not necessarily be the life of the party (unless it’s your strategy), but if you can’t find the time to interact with people. They probably will but to unfollow you. You are not adding value 55% of people. On Twitter expect their questions to be answered within an hour, this proportion rises to 72% when it comes to a complaint.

These Goal-Based Campaigns Within

On the other hand, 34% of customers via Twitter are also more likely. To repeat a purchase if your responses are timely. So if you are not at the right response speed. Do not be surprised that these people disappear from your list of followers and perhaps… of clients. You spam (the unfollow comes) Everyone on Twitter has a number of sales-oriented Tweets, and this behavior is expected today. But be careful because 47% of people will stop following you because of the amount of spam and another 48% will do so because they see too much self-promotion. So if you’re constantly tweeting links to your checkout pages instead of mixing content, this will most likely cause you problems in the short term.

Finding relevant conversations, interacting with people about your products or services. And posting things that your audience finds useful and interesting can all help. It is vital not to be considered as intrusive and unwanted advertising. Excess and misuse of automated tools Content Automation done right can have personality. Serve a purpose, and ultimately help marketing by being realistic and not expecting it to do all the work for you. If the channel feels robotic (this is not Skynet!) people may prefer not to follow. You because they always want to follow a human being. Being Prepared to Respond to Scheduled Tweets is Key Be prepared to respond to scheduled tweets, using a wide variety of messages.

Twitter Are Still in a Beta Version

You don’t give something to your audience Although this strategy of is always. A good one for everyone, 33% of people follow brands. On Twitter for gifts and 52% to find out about discounts or promotions. Even if you don’t have. The latest smartphone to give it away to each person. Who clicks on your tweets, it is possible to offer offers. Free samples or exclusive content from time to time to keep that 52% connected and that in turn. They attract more people. you never tweet If you never tweet… what are you doing on Twitter. A common reason why people will stop following you is because of the and inactive users ratio.

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