Activity within all the “to-do” that a Social Media team has. Perhaps these practices (in English) to do an analysis of your competition can help you put order and clarity. It is also very relevant to follow the latest in your industry and take notice of this from your social channels. Connect with new people. The Social Media Manager can be seduced by the dark side and forget to continue expanding the community . It’s time to stop the vortex a bit and see not only the forest, stop at the service and at the approach. Identify influencers on social channels and reach out to them. Understand what is not working in the business for people and look for the solution. Knowing the birthday of a fan of your brand or a recent achievement on their.

Simply saying thank you will make a difference so that your followers feel special, over time everything will be returned in the long-awaited digital “word of mouth”. Share the satisfaction of people in your community Daily tell the story of someone Austria Phone Numbers who is happy with the service or product on your social channels . And this should be an important part of your content calendar. A photograph, a post on your blog, a video that collects the story of the loyal customer and highlights it. By tagging the client, you prove to the public the authenticity of the story you are sharing.

But Monitoring and Analyzing

In the end you will be increasing the visibility of your brand. Follow what happens in customer service. If your brand has a customer service team through social networks, as a Social Media Manager you must have knowledge of what is happening in that area. This is hard work, but strategic for the business. There can always be a complaint, they are inevitable. What we can avoid is that they become an online crisis. If you see that there is no response from the team within an hour to a possible query or complaint, you must intervene to help resolve it. The priority is to keep customers or members of your community happy and offer solutions. Plan your content.

You are a Social Media Manager – not a firefighter. Stop putting out fires and build a solid content strategy that you can use in future posts. It is advisable to always have at least a week of content in advance. Do not let the day to day exceed the quality of the work, this requires discipline, structure and a constant search for excellence. We call it “digital methodological rigor. In practice, 2014 has already closed. We have a few days ahead of us in November, then December and game over . This business planning time is also conducive to trying to see what will happen in the sector in 2015, which is unstoppable, and to adapt. It seems that our post with trends from 2014 is still fresh , but the months have passed and what we observe as constant in the world of Social Media is change.

Your Competition Is an Important

The prophets are quite undervalued, however  without claiming to. We want in this post to share with you what we believe will be part of the trends in Social Media for 2015 . 7 Trends in Social Media for 2015 The Rise of It What we couldn’t predict last year was the emergence of a new social platform meant to compete with the social media giant, Facebook . This , the platform, which is still in public beta (for guests only), has caused quite a stir; and which some have dared to dub as the ” hipster social network “, Ello offers an ad-free experience (forever) and promises never to sell its users’ information to third parties. Their website states: “Harvesting and selling your personal data, reading your friends’ messages, and mapping your social connections for profit is both creepy and unethical.

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