7-eleven is partnering with rocket league, a video game where. In addition, Players use a car to Hungary Phone Number play a modified soccer match. To help fans customize their in-game car with 7-eleven-themed options. Per a press release. To unlock the 7-eleven customization options, consumers must. Purchase select food and beverage products. At participating 7-eleven, speedway, and stripes stores. As video games and esports become an increasingly popular pastime. For younger generations, the partnership between 7-eleven and rocket league. In addition, Which includes the chain’s sponsorship of the North American rocket league. The Hungary Phone Number Championship series, allows the convenience store chain to connect. A younger generation on a more personal level. Marketing dive: agencies get the weekly agencies. Newsletter signs up to get the latest ad agency news and insights. Delivered straight to your inbox every Monday.

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After that,  As the esports industry is expected. To Hungary Phone Number approach $2 billion in revenue in 2022, putting it just behind. NBA in terms of revenue, 7-eleven is seeking to promote its esports. Partnership with the game rocket league. Inspiration for the rocket league campaign came from a previous 2021 campaign. After that, Dubbed the carsof7eleven, that saw the brand’s Instagram. And TikTok accounts grow 208% over a few weeks last fall. During that time, 3,600 new pieces of user-generated content were produced. 85% of which featured customers’ cars in front of 7-eleven stores. As part of the Hungary Phone Number latest campaign, fans will have the opportunity to help. Customize and potentially win a real ford mustang, dubbed the model711. Fans will help choose the wrap, rim color, seat design, and other features.

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Win the car through sweepstakes. Similarly, That will take place on social media, in stores, and through delivery. This aspect of the Hungary Phone Number campaign goes beyond gamers and aims. To cast a wider net to reach car enthusiasts. In addition to taking advantage of an existing partnership, the effort. Is designed to connect with younger generations. Rocket League has approximately 95 million monthly players. With the popularity of esports, the campaign. Similarly, It Will help to emphasize 7-eleven’s partnership with the game. Raising the brand awareness of the Hungary Phone Number chain and participation among players. Additionally, those who purchase the products. Through an app can receive additional in-game rewards.

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