Lead nurturing, growth hacking, marketing automation… Many terms and Madagascar Email List (often in English) have appeared in web marketing in recent years. Practices, methodologies and tools are constantly evolving . And to take advantage of all this, it is necessary to understand what we are talking about .

And since we are a rather nice agency, we chose 60 expressions of which we give you an understandable definition below – because between us, it is sometimes complicated to understand the first time – so that digital marketing does not have no more secrets for you. And if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments, we will be happy to update this article! It is an evening, a few hours at most. You won’t have time to meet everyone, so focus on quality contacts . And at worst, those you will not have seen, you will meet them next time!

Application Programming Interface (Api)

Programming interface that allows one application to connect to another. This can be used in particular to connect an emailing service to web analytics tools, to target campaigns to user behavior. Example: Mailchimp has an API used in WordPress so that visitors to a site (designed under WordPress) can subscribe directly to the newsletter (Mailchimp) Backlink : Or inbound link, is a link on a website pointing to another website. The quality and quantity of backlinks influence the SEO of our own website. A piece of advice – in our opinion – it is essential to focus on quality, rather than quantity.

Madagascar Email List

B2B (Business to business) : Refers to a company whose customers are businesses. B2C (Business to customer) : Refers to a company whose customers are individuals. Blog : Part of a site or separate site, containing articles published regularly. For a company, this allows, on the one hand, to enhance its expertise by talking about its specialties, and on the other hand, to increase the referencing of the site (we understand then that blogging is not to be neglected, indeed opposite).

The Decision Phase: Product And Brand Selection

Call to action (CTA) : Object (text, button, image, link, etc.) present on the page of a website that encourages the user to go to the next step, in the navigation process. Example: Button “download our white paper” at the end of a blog post or “subscribe to our newsletter”. Community Management (CM) : All management practices, community animation on social networks for a brand.

Content (Content, in French) : In digital marketing, content is a document (blog article, video, publication on social networks, white paper, etc.) disseminated on platforms (site, social networks). Example: The checklist which brings together 8 tips for building customer loyalty is content that we offer free of charge. Note that marketing professionals use this term a lot, in its English version, or content marketing. Buyer persona : Fictitious representation of the ideal client you are targeting, providing specific information (demography, interests, life goals, etc.) to get to know him and meet his needs.

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