Instagram, with its more than one billion monthly users, has never been more Djibouti Email List than it is today. We know that 30% of Internet users on Instagram have already purchased a product through the social network. Considerable opportunity for businesses, Instagram is a perfect way to sell its products and / or services.

So, how do you sell well on Instagram? We give you our top tips for selling on Instagram in 2021.
Maximize your conversions on Pinterest for the holiday season. Pinterest has nearly 450 million users looking for gift ideas per month. It is an essential network during the holiday season and by correctly anticipating your campaigns, it is possible for you to reach a community which anticipates and plans its purchases for the holidays earlier and earlier .

Featured Stories and Stories

Stories are a great way to capture the attention of the Internet user. Immersed in the Stories, the Internet user is focused, and therefore able to receive your ad. Use the “Swipe Up” or “swipe up” to redirect the user to the web page of your choice. Also, do not hesitate to use all the features that Instagram offers. You can use Featured Stories to save the Stories that have brought in the most traffic.

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Featured Stories can also become a real video catalog. Visible 24 hours a day from your profile, Featured Stories give anyone who visits your profile a quick idea of ​​what your business has to offer.
Ads via Instagram Ads can reach a large number of Internet users. For optimal efficiency of your Instagram Ads, we recommend that you use personalized audiences. Thus, you can decide to send your advertising only to people who know your brand, or who have already visited your site for example. Instagram Ads can be in photo, video, or carousel format.

The Instagram Shopping Feature

Instagram Shopping provides a wonderful user experience. From now on, Business accounts on Instagram can add a link to their publications that refers to a product sheet. Thus, when the Internet user clicks on the image of a t-shirt tagged with a clothing brand, the description of the t-shirt appears, and it can even refer to the brand’s e-commerce site. Find out what budget to plan for an e-commerce site .

Each month, more than 130 million Internet users on Instagram click on the tagged product of a publication. Thus, Instagram Shopping is a feature much appreciated by customers and Internet users, and can make a difference in your turnover.

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