Whether you are a marketing manager or a business director, you can attract huge numbers of visitors to your website and digital networks with a good New Zealand Email Database strategy. For this, you will need to create strong content that will help your targets when they need it. You will be able to convert these visitors into prospects, then into customers. Are you convinced?

So let’s take a look at the 6 key steps for a successful content strategy. Are you unsure whether your website is effective? Do you doubt the relevance of your content on social networks? Ask us for an audit of your digital strategy, it’s free. For this promotion story of a series by the lead actress, Netflix uses the color red which is reminiscent of its logo, a basic writing and an original of a different size and to finish, this creative story presents a countdown icon that we informs about the duration of the strory.

Create Your Buyers Personas

Knowing your customers is the core of any content strategy . You will need to create your personas which are a semi-fictitious representation of your ideal client. You will need to identify their browsing habits, the networks they use the most, their needs and their user journeys. The better you know your personas, the easier it will be to communicate with them. Make sure you use the same tone and visual continuity between your posts and stories.

New Zealand Email Database

For example, when “Maison Dorée” (a jewelry brand) wants to show that the orders are ready, it announces the preparation as a story beforehand.Set yourself SMART goals To avoid working in a vacuum, it is important to set goals. This will not only allow you to know how to reach them but you will also be able to measure the weight of our actions . These objectives must be SMART, ie Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Temporarily defined.

Measure And Optimize

This step is essential! This is the one that will give you the most results. Do not hesitate to analyze your results, on which articles your visitors stay the longest, which article is the most consulted, which generates the most leads and especially ask yourself why ? Thanks to this, you will be able to optimize your content and orient it more and more towards what interests your visitors the most and thus generate more leads.

In short, your content strategy must be centered around the user, the more you know about them, the more interesting the content you will offer them. The analysis must be quite thorough since it will be necessary to deliver the right message, at the right time to the right person and in the right place. In addition, the content strategy is the heart of inbound marketing , our agency is certified and can support you in your process if you want to be supported in Reunion Island or elsewhere 🙂


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