Have you implemented a digital strategy and the result is inconclusive? Maybe you’ve even Yemen Email List inbound marketing but the leads are still not coming? Do you spend time animating your spaces (site, Facebook pages, blog, etc.) but that does not bring you much?

“I tried digital marketing, it doesn’t work!” You tell me. I answer you: “there are no bad tools, there are only bad masons”. This is why I am offering you a quick overview of the classic mistakes that can be made in digital marketing strategies. If you prefer exchanges and human contact, you can train through organizations or through schools in Reunion! As a school, you have, for example, EGC Réunion (business and management school), the brand new Digital Campus Réunion , SUP Info or even the IAE which offers training in marketing at master’s level.

You Are Not Human Enough

Your visitors are tired of advertising, they don’t want you to sell them a product or service. They are looking for information, contact and people. Offer them a personalized experience by speaking to them as a person and not as a buyer. Don’t tell your values, show them to your visitors. Do not hesitate to take the risk of creating links , putting personality in your content is essential. No need to hide behind your logo, a faceless company will inspire less confidence than one that highlights its employees.

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As a reminder, a persona (or buyer persona) is a robot portrait of your ideal customer. To learn more about what a persona is and how to define it, feel free to check out our white paper on this topic. How do you deliver quality content if you don’t know your persona’s expectations? It should have a central role in your strategy: once you have a well-built and complete Persona, then you can align your marketing efforts with their expectations. For example, ask yourself what questions they are asking themselves or what are their professional goals to achieve. You will then respond to their problems thanks to quality content in content and form.

Your Content Is Bad

We cannot say it enough: the quality, the quality, the quality! You may have a good digital strategy, if your content isn’t following, and neither are prospects. If the visitor has a bad opinion of the quality of your content, they will not be able to identify you as an expert . It’s not just a question of branding, but also a question of SEO . Google gives pride of place to the quality of your content and this will greatly influence your results.

It will then be necessary to find the right quality / quantity ratio because it is not enough to offer good content, but it must be done regularly . So plan an editorial line in writing, plan your publications and do not hesitate to call on a digital marketing agency if you do not have the internal resources. Tip: Don’t be afraid to take risks, try different things, visitors love to be surprised and they will happily come back.

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