Needless to say, this social network is on the rise. In 6 months, the number of Uruguay Email List on Instagram has doubled : there are more and more users, as well as businesses. If you haven’t already, you may be asking yourself the question: “Should I go for it?” To help you decide, I offer some answers.

The principle is simple . Thanks to the application, you can easily edit your photos or videos thanks to the filters it offers and then you publish them on your account along with the hashtags that correspond to them. These photos will appear in your subscribers’ timeline (news feed) and in hashtag search results. You can also share “stories”, which will only be available for 24 hours.

Is Your Sector Suitable?

For many Instagram is the preserve of luxury, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Because of its very visual format, the network was very quickly taken over by these sectors. They already used and mastered the visual codes corresponding to this format in all of their communication channels. But in reality, this is a trick question. All sectors can use it on two conditions: reach the right audience and deliver the right content.

Uruguay Email List

Take, for example, the Reunion Island store chain S’Center. This brand is rather seen as popular in Reunion, its communication aims to destroy this image. Their Instagram account offers attractive content, keeping up with current events, while offering promotions. It is time to converge for our columnists! Pierre Noro agrees on the essential need for public medical data in the advancement of research. He imagines a solution where this data would be actionable and secure in order to make us owners of our data: the blockchain may be the tool of tomorrow.

Is Your Target Present On This Network?

This is THE question to ask yourself. You may be able to create a real community by providing great photos, but if it doesn’t bring you anything, is it worth it? Put yourself in the shoes of your Persona (the robot portrait of your ideal client). Does he use this network? Is someone likely to influence him active there?

You can use our infographic . Based on the Facebook ad planning tool (which bought Instagram in 2012), we can see that there are around 150,000 people registered in Réunion . There are hardly more women than men, but a large majority of young people. So it’s up to you to decide.

It is about provoking an emotion in the user. It’s up to you to make your product visually attractive. Are you a service company? No problem, share photos of your employees, your premises or your customers, in short show them behind the scenes. Be funny and inventive, the only limit is your imagination. Eh yes ! Being a community manager cannot be improvised and requires a lot of creativity.

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