They are documentaries for designers about design from the career of dieter rams to the legacy of bauhaus javier zamora is a graphic designer, founder and creative director of plácida placida , a studio from granada, spain, specializing in corporate identity design and product packaging. Javier and his team have dedicated his talents to creating original visual and tactile experiences that exceed all expectations. Until 2012, javier had worked as an illustrator in an architecture office, but he realized that editorial design was his true passion. So, he quit his job and enrolled in a graphic design degree , graduating in 2016. Plácida specializes in the design of corporate identity and product packaging. Its never too late to pursue your goals or do what youre really passionate about, insists javier, who after graduating began working as a freelance graphic designer.


Through Cinematic Reality Scenes and Deep Conversations

Since opening his own studio, he works primarily with photo retouching service startups and small businesses. In this post, javier, who teaches the course stationery creation for branding projects at domestika, offers us a list of six documentaries on graphic design that you cannot miss . The man who designed spain pepe cruz novillo redesigned the visual identity of spain as the country moved towards democracy. And although he designed numerous logos as mythical as those of correos, psoe, renfe or repsol, his work does not end there. The designer and plastic artist is also coauthor of the course two and threedimensional corporate identity at domestika. During a visit to his studio cruz más cruz cruzmascruz , he showed us who he is and what such an eclectic and important figure in the history of design in spain thinks.

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Interviewees at Helvetica Include Some of the Biggest Names

Rams an essential title the definitive documentary on BHB Directory dieter rams. This film offers the portrait of one of the most influential designers of the moment, while inviting us to reflect on consumerism, sustainability and the future of design. For more than 50 years, dieter rams has left an indelible mark on product design – and the world at large – with his work for braun and vitsoe. Objects designed by dieter have touched the lives of millions of people many of us have a braun coffee maker, shaver, audio player, calculator, speaker or alarm clock. The oralb toothbrush and the vitsoe 606 shelving system, among hundreds of other products, were also created or supervised by rams. Design canada this documentary shows how a country can transform itself into a vibrant multicultural society through graphic design.

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