57 pioneers of the social web make 7 proposals to re-enchant the web. The social web was not born today. He’s even 15 years old! And one more year Portugal WhatsApp Number List we say, because it took about a full year, for the 57 pioneers of the social web, who are cited below and of whom I have the honor to be a part, to write a sum of the Social web describing the evolutions of these new media which have today taken such an important place in our daily life.

50 years of the Internet 30 years of the Web 15 years of Web 2.0 that deserved a book! A year of work to re-enchant the web Under the leadership of Fadhila Brahimi and David Fayon, the work has been hard, not only to bring together the testimonies of all these experts, but above all, this is where the work has been very important, to ensure consistency at all and a tone of the whole which remains positive.

7 Proposals To Re-enchant The Web

15 years of re-enchanting web 2.0Because we must not hide it, this is the thing that struck me when I participated in this book, and in particular in the coordination of its chapter 9 dedicated to brands, the disenchantment of all these professionals involved in the promotion of social media from the start was obvious. To avoid a negative report, as uninviting as it is sterile, a fundamental work was carried out by the team to make concrete proposals to re-enchant the Web. The word may seem emphatic, but it should be read as a mirror version of this disenchantment that I described above.

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It is important not to stay on this negative note and to move forward, because great things can be conceived on these new media which, in the end, still remain largely uncovered and whose initial promise remains largely to be realized. . The book also has the chance to be prefaced by Claudie Haigneré, former minister and pioneer of Space. Last but not least, all the rights of the authors of the book will be donated to two non-profit associations which fight against electronicism and the digital divide .

Web 2.0 15 Years Already And After? 7 Ways To Re-enchant The Internet!

A book by Fadhila BRAHIMI, David FAYON & AL. published by Kawa Preface Claudie Haigneré The Covid-19 crisis amplifies the signals already observed. Technologies (mobile, video, social media, big data, artificial intelligence, etc.) and soon 5G are disrupting our living spaces and our relationships with people, information, work … Screen time, nomophobia, fake news are a few examples of unintended societal consequences. They divert the Social Web from its primary mission. 57 pioneers invite you to explore the consequences of digital technology on our society (economy, politics, law, culture, etc.).

The goal: imagine 7 avenues of re-enchantment for a healthier and more responsible digital future in the face of the domination of Internet giants, both American GAFAM (Google Apple Facebook Amazon, Microsoft) and Chinese BATHX (Baidu Alibaba Tencent Huawei Xiaomi). extend the discussions and participate collectively in the re-enchantment of the Internet, a blog is at your disposal


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