We have entered a social and creative era, social networks are blooming like roses in spring. Facebook and its friends, Twitter and its followers, Pinterest Burkina Faso Email List its boards, LinkedIn and its professional contacts, Instagr.am and its photos,… each specificity deserves our attention and that we dedicate a community space to it.

In order to be more secure, it is up to everyone to decide what to protect and against whom. While everyone is responsible for their personal data, some trades have an ethical responsibility which involves protecting their sources by disregarding computer data storage or not! To remain in total confidentiality, certain information must not be found, for example:

It Is With This In Mind That We Have Designed Our Social Motion 2012 :

To recap these figures, let’s start with the great Internet with its 2.1 billion users, including 476 million in Europe. Let us now focus on France. 77% of French Internet users go daily on social networks. Suffice to say that social networks are today very coveted community places by companies because the world turns much more to the Internet and its social networks than to our dear television . We know it well today and the 900 million Facebook users are not going to contradict us.

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Facebook, let’s talk about it .. 57% of women and other fans of Justin Bieber against 43% of men or tunning enthusiasts. Cliché… or almost, Facebook brings together enough people for all Internet users to find what they are looking for. The race for communities is well and truly launched, companies and individuals play on the same playing field and conscientiously follow the philosophy of “jaime”.

I Imagine You Can Multiply By Two

Now let’s talk about Google+ , a newcomer to the world of social networks, launched in June 2011 and powered by the giant Google. Today, it has 90 million subscribers, of which, beware, 12% are French! (or more than 10 million members, mostly men: 67% ). Google+ has not yet found a place of choice in the world of social networks, a hybrid child, between Facebook and Twitter, hiding other secrets that will undoubtedly allow it to perform well in the years to come.

LinkedIn has nothing to be ashamed of with its 34 million members only in Europe, which makes it the 36th most visited site in the world. This progression also enabled it to go from 500 employees in 2010 to 2,116 employees in 2012. For its part Viadeo , another professional social network brings together more than 45 million users (75% employees, 15% entrepreneurs).

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