As you can imagine, at 50A, we have a philosophy around the number 50 , and it gets Comoros Email List every day. So when we hear that the Accounting Degree site offers 50 tips for using Linkedin intelligently , we say to ourselves that we are making followers.

Especially when we know that it has been several years now that the founding members of 50A have been talking about the importance of professional social networks and e-reputation: the proof .

Next Year 50a Will Be There!

So what does Accouting Degree tell us? 50 tips that may seem very simple to some (“be polite”, “stay active” …) but that you must actually follow to develop your professional network. Then there are important concepts such as defining relevant keywords to highlight your professional skills or forming a group to be at the heart of a community of professionals on LinkedIn.

Comoros Email List

Today LinkedIn is 100 million members worldwide, it is Jeff Wiener , the CEO of LinkedIn who has just declared on the Linkedin blog . As a result, they come to settle in Paris! As a bonus, at 50A our philosophy also applies to Open Source, so when we see that the Hi-Tech Fredzone blog offers 50 free and legal image banks , we really tell ourselves that we are making followers!

The Program Is Incredibly Rich, More Than 150 Confs Per Day ‘ Judge For Yourself

If Brooklyn and San Francisco are a little empty right now, don’t look! The South by Soutwest is THE interactive Festival taking place in Austin from March 11-20. It brings together the crème de la crème of the world music, video and new media.

As the article on the blog of Le Monde explains very well , “Originally, SxSW, born in 1987, was a music festival, occupying the entire city center for five days and five nights. In 1994, the musicians were joined by the tribe of people of images: independent filmmakers, experimental videographers, committed screenwriters. At the dawn of the third millennium, cyberculture prophets, geeks and internet start-up bosses have in turn started to invade the festival.

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