Once the article was finished, I hurried to discover yet another social network… and WOW! For once, a little innovation, intrigue in front of this Cambodia Email List which allows one to be of service. No voyeurism, no question of e-reputation. No, mesbonnescopines.com is here to help us girls. So I hastened to contact the person responsible for the site, Florence Haxel. And zou, she immediately answered my questions about this new social network which has a future, because it is different.

The name and contact details of the informants: for journalists, it is about maintaining their credibility and legitimacy by providing realistic facts. Personal confidences: within the framework of professional secrecy for professions such as Doctor or Lawyer.

Who Makes Up The Team Of My Good Friends?

Me, Florence Haxel , 34, serial entrepreneur (already an artistic event com agency for 12 years: La Tribu des Créateurs), 2 little ones aged 5 and 2, 1 husband, 1 house, 1 dog and a lot of good friends!

Cambodia Email List

Thierry Rousseau, 37, ultra professional and friendly e-business consultant, met thanks to a good friend and with whom I joined in this adventure! Business projects before patent: to avoid industrial espionage, businesses must protect their projects. And for information to remain untraceable, it is essential not to leave any clue… if silence itself is not a guarantee of security: forget IT, it is the worst traitor!

Can You Quickly Explain The Concept To Us?

“Coups de Pouce Between Superwomen ” is a social network of mutual aid between women. Mesbonnescopines.com is a platform where people share their talents, both great and small, in the form of gracious nudges around all facets of our lives as women: work, family, home, leisure and commitments. It is a closed social network that is accessed by being sponsored by a good friend. In exchange for a helping hand, the good friend gives you one of her bizz (little red mouth in the logo) which allows you to thank another good friend for her help!

Financial sector: Your credit card says as much about you as your identity card. Sources of income, sources of expenditure, purchasing power, travel, real estate assets, savings, travel, insurance, life plan.
Commercial sector: The loyalty card is an essential source of information that allows you to identify your buyer profile and anticipate your expenses. Cinema, trips, shopping centers … your purchase history says as much about you as a GPS: place of purchase, average expenditure per period, category of items purchased …

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