Augmented reality … one more step towards a science fiction that is larger than life. It is Bulgaria Email List and it does exist today, augmented reality surprises with its rendering and the possibilities available to us in terms of use.

Imagine .. you are in your living room and you suddenly want to dress your wall with a big and beautiful photo. Only, you don’t know if the photo you have chosen (the one with the cute cats) will go well with your grandmother’s Empire chest of drawers… To find out, you turn on your iPad, you place a marker on it. he place where you want to install your photo, then augmented reality does the rest … On the retina screen of your tablet, the photo you have chosen suddenly appears. You can then, using your nimble fingers, enlarge or shrink the photo, move it on the wall to find the ideal place where your photo will be placed.

The Basics .. What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a new way of interacting with the digital world. Instead of looking at photos or videos to imagine what an object will look like, we can now see it directly integrated into its environment. For example, if you want to buy a television, thanks to augmented reality you will be able to see it directly at home, wherever you want to put it.

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Augmented reality is therefore defined by the integration of virtual elements, in 3d, in real time and respecting the perspective so as to have the impression that the objects are really real. This is the bet that Cyril Champier, Mickael Jordan and Jean-François Chianetta, co-founders of Augment, have embarked on .

Who Are The Augmented Reality Users And Who Are Augment’s Customers Mainly?

Augmented reality has a universal scope, all those who have to interact with the virtual can be affected by this revolution. The Augment app has already been downloaded over 90,000 times in 163 countries . It is used both by swimming pool vendors to show clients their future swimming pool directly in their garden and by artists to email an enlarged version of their new sculpture.

Everyone will be affected because everything is becoming more and more digital. The object will only be produced and sent when it has already been previewed where it is needed. With a pair of augmented reality glasses you can access all the information you want, in the context where it is interesting. By looking at an electrical panel we will see the voltage of each of the cables, by looking at a kitchen, the hot plates will be materialized by a color indicating the danger, etc … The technology will have to be handled with caution so as not to invade us. useless information that would end up drowning the essential.

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