Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat… We are spending more and more time using all these networks and staying up to date. But what about Instagram? Instagram is THE social network that hits the mark and in which to invest! Its number of users continues to increase: more than Portugal Email List million users per month worldwide and more than 180,000 accounts in Reunion. Instagram is also a great way to build engagement. Indeed, it is one of the most powerful social networks to build loyalty and engage its community. The average engagement there is 58 times greater than on Facebook.

Are your customers on Instagram and you don’t know how to exploit it or where to start? Here are 5 content ideas to engage your followers and recruit new subscribers. A great guarantee of credibility when you have not taken traditional training, and a guarantee that you are familiar with your fundamental principles of digital marketing .

Find An Original Axis To Talk About Your Product Or Service

The particularity of Instagram is that the network imposes quality content. Are you selling a product or offering a service? You owe it to yourself to show it in an aesthetic and pleasant way. The idea is not to advertise that calls for a purchase. Be subtle and find an angle or a hook that will make your content original and creative.

Portugal Email List

For Valentine’s Day, Mc Donald France, for example, has found a good way to talk about its product. The professional certifications or accreditations promised by Google at the end of one of the training courses offered reward concrete skills and aptitudes in the digital field. There are two official certifications:

It’s Time To Talk About You!

Why not invite your community to discover the inside of your business? Your followers will have an easier time forging a lasting bond if they sense that there are humans behind the brand.

For example, you can show your team, your activities outside of work, a shoot, or even a construction site (provided that it remains clean). In short, show what your business does from the inside out. Show off what you are doing right! This will allow you to establish a relationship of trust with your community. This is what will make the difference when a customer has to choose between you and your competitor.

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