The magic of social networks is that they allow two-way communication: you talk to your fans and they respond to you. But for it to work, you Sierra Leone Email List to take the time to check what is being said. Time, we know, you don’t always have it! To earn it, a good solution is to use tools that will help you be more efficient and responsive. I therefore offer you a short overview (not exhaustive) of our favorite tools for managing your social networks.

In order to facilitate access to training for all, the State also set up the CPF (personal training account) in 2015, to offer everyone the freedom to master a new skill year after year (between € 500 and € 800 annual aid per year) in any area.

Facebook Business Manager

You may not know it, but for the management of your page (s), Facebook offers a free tool : Business Manager. If you are starting from scratch, the minimum you need to do is centralize your pages on this tool. Very practical for viewing global statistics, grouping notifications, working with others and managing multiple advertising accounts. You will no longer need to go through your personal profile to manage your pages. No more professional notifications mixed with personal notifications. The dream, right?

Sierra Leone Email List

It can therefore be used in digital: to learn how to produce content , learn to master your communication strategy, program a website, master your e-reputation, create an e-commerce site, understand mobile marketing , learn a language computer HTML… etc. Local and one-off initiatives, such as ParisCode, guarantee easy access to digital professions (whether in Coding or strategic analysis, etc.) accessible to all professional levels .

Social Sprout

is also very comprehensive . It allows you to plan, publish, monitor and generate reports. Its real strength lies above all in the possibility of facilitating customer relations through social networks. It is rather intuitive and will allow you to work easily in a group. We fell in love with its Landscape tool , which allows you to modify the format of images to optimize them for each network.

As I told you this is not an exhaustive list. There are a lot of tools that will allow you to effectively manage your social networks. From the simplest to the most complete. Depending on your needs you may even be able to find a free solution that will save you time and efficiency. If you want to go further, do not hesitate to consult our white paper. He will explain to you how it is possible to monitor your social networks in just 10 minutes .

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