In English, the saying goes that a “picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s fun to Jamaica Phone Number List how these expressions travel. You can be Swedish and brag that Ibsen wrote this aphorism for the first time, in a little more convoluted way, or Chinese and claim that Confucius was the inventor.

Henri is CEO of Prezman, an agency specializing in PowerPoint presentations. It helped me understand why PowerPoint has become the big bad wolf of the corporate world, so much so that Bezos is credited – apparently not a legend, but not a panacea either – for banning his business. usage at Amazon .

Good Images, Good Content… No Need For A Sketch!

You can also meet a Frenchman who will be categorical on the fact that Napoleon invented this aphorism which would declare ” that a good sketch is better than a long speech “. The words are different, the idea is the same. It’s crazy what we attribute to great men, of whom Goethe nevertheless said that they did not exist for their valets de chambre (Hegel took up this sentence and adapted it to the heroes, the quotes are decidedly more stolen than the bikes).


The hidden reality is probably that neither of these people ever said this, or if they did, it is very likely that they repeated someone else’s invention. Being famous has its perks. Used everywhere, in business, in training, at National Education, and now also in weddings, PowerPoint has attracted the wrath of almost everyone, to the point that there is even a party in Switzerland which was created, the Anti-PowerPoint party

Metaphorical Images Are Better Than Descriptive Images

First, when choosing an image, one is always tempted to pick one that will accurately portray the subject of your article. Talking about cybersecurity, for example, might lead you to choose a photo of a hooded man in the dark typing on his computer. You can instead opt for an allegory, a metaphor. That of a padlock, or chains, will convey the idea of ​​protection, for example..

If digital offers many metrics such as traffic, where it comes from, click-through rates, (etc…) the timing is not the same as for traditional activities. If the budget of traditional activities must bear fruit quickly, in a digital marketing strategy certain activities can bear fruit in the long term. Where brochures or a stand at a congress have a limited effect in time, a well-updated website full of content, in particular thanks to a professional blog , will be well referenced, recognized and will bring quality leads to the business for several years.

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