Have you ever experienced this situation where the task you are undertaking is Poland Email List at all a challenge? You tire quickly and end up being demotivated. Or, conversely, your goal is so hard that you constantly encounter setbacks? I assure you, you are not the only one.

We detailed the SMART goals methodology for you , but when it comes to setting ambitious but achievable goals , how do you avoid them being too difficult or too easy to achieve? Don’t panic, we offer you a few questions to ask yourself using a paper and a pencil in order to find the happy medium 😉 What follows is rather a kind of guide in fact, damn the code!

Where Am I? Take Stock Of The Situation.

It is important to know yourself well before setting goals, this step will allow you to know where you are to see where you can / want to go. Identify your strengths and weaknesses , this will allow you to stay realistic when you go to set your goals. We suggest that you think about the question right now by completing this “SWOT” matrix.

Poland Email List

Google Digital Workshops (Learn digital with Google) are limited to 5 natural persons, some entities are closed to the public (as in Rennes, since 10/30/2020) due to the health crisis. Interactive training and coaching are multiplied and offered live on Youtube to overcome this difficulty.

What Should Be Done As A Team?

If your project requires a team, it is very important that they recognize your objectives, discuss them in order to identify potential problems. Your manager will have a very important role in motivating the troops. As with you, if the goals you set for your team are too hard or too easy, it will end in demotivation. Don’t forget to add the whole team to your back schedule so everyone knows what to do and when.

Google certifications remotely
Most of the training courses are thus free (Active Digitale, for SMEs) and serve as benchmarks in order to define their digital skills, other paid training courses are reserved for professionals (Google Pro) for a contribution, but allow you to be rewarded of the Holy Grail in digital title: “Google digital marketing” for example.

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