If you are looking for an effective way to reach your customers, surely you should be interested in Instagram. Easy to use, visually rich and fun thanks to its filters, the social network for sharing photos and short Tanzania Email List has more and more followers in Reunion Island. The community on the platform is also extremely engaged. Still not convinced? We give you other reasons that demonstrate the potential of the tool

Instagram is still a young social network since it was created in 2010, 6 years after Facebook. But the platform has experienced tremendous growth since in just 3 years, it already had 100 million registered users. Faced with the success of Instagram, Facebook was also eager to buy out its competitor in 2012. In Reunion, it is estimated that there are approximately 150,000 people who have an account . This makes Instagram the second largest social network on the island, behind Facebook and its 500,000 users. Are you looking for clients? Chances are they are on Instagram! And you will have more and more since each year, the number of Insta users increases by 16% , against 3% for other social networks.

Instagram Is Easy To Use

But how to reach them? How does the tool work? Well, good news, Instagram is simple. Very simple even! Another good reason to join the tool. If you’ve figured out the basics (sharing short photos and videos), you’ve got almost it all. You take a photo, you may modify it with one of the many filters available and you publish it on your account. Your content is then displayed in the news feed of your subscribers. As on Twitter, you can embellish your publications with different hashtags to give them visibility.

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Small specificity of Instagram: the tool was designed for use on Smartphones. Kind of like Snapchat. So yes there is a version on desktop but don’t expect to do much with it. Last element: as for Snapchat, it is possible to share content in the form of “stories”.

The Instagram Community Is Very Engaged

Sharing content on Instagram is so easy that users of the platform (Instagrammers) have a blast. Over 95 million photos and videos are posted on the network every day! And this content is widely seen and commented on. Among millennial young adults (those between the ages of 16 and 34), engagement is 58 times greater on Instagram than on Facebook! Every day, 4.2 billion “likes” are exchanged on the network, for example. For your business, know that these young adults are 68% to exchange with a brand on Instagram, against only 32% on Facebook. Want to engage your customers? Insta is perfect for that!

If Instagram is above all a social network of photos and videos, it remains perfectly suited for commercial use. Provided of course not to post anything there. Avoid relaying photos of your 4×3 posters and other flyers! Focus more on quality and creativity. Your products, ideally showcased with close-ups or behind-the-scenes shots of your company with your employees, will be more interesting for the community. Instagram also allows you to add a link in your biography to your website in order to bring your customers back to your online store. You can also use paid advertising to further promote your products. And recently, Instagram even offers a tool called “shopping”to simplify your sales process! What more ?

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