Mass emailing is dead, long live personalized emailing. If you are still one of the people using unqualified person listings, you may need to review your copy. First, because it no longer walk and then especially because the South Sudan Email List Regulation on data protection (or RGPD GDPR, data protection regulation for General English) does not allow you to do. Your target must know who you are, why you are writing to them and above all feel that the email is addressed to them personally. I give you five tips to optimize your marketing emails.

Explanations: Facebook’s data-based attribution model uses statistical modeling to understand precisely what was the impact of each campaign in the final conversion process, and therefore to take this information into account to optimize the management of campaigns. Ultimately, it is about analyzing the added value of each campaign created to improve the various data-based aspects and optimize performance. The advantage of this attribution model? You get unbiased, more accurate measurement than if you had used other rule-based attribution models. In addition, this type of attribution adjusts to the different strategies and objectives of advertisers for greater flexibility.

Talk To People You Know

Using the name and / or first name of your recipient is really a minimum. To target everyone is not to target anyone. It is important to target your recipients properly so that your messages are well received. Your email will be much more effective if the person feels they have addressed it personally . Mass email can quickly look like advertising and it’s not what people want in their inbox.

South Sudan Email List

Talk to people who know you
The opt-in is the principle of giving consent to receive marketing emails. If this principle was already the rule, the RGPD comes to sanctify it. The people who will receive your emails and newsletters must have given their consent . They should expect to receive information from you so as not to feel that they are being disturbed. Do not hesitate to add a paragraph at the end of your emails explaining to the recipient why they are receiving this email. Obviously, you must also provide an unsubscribe link , it is the law and it is useful. It is better to speak to 100 people who have an interest in what you do rather than 1000 who have nothing to do with it.

Don’t Make An Email That Looks Too Good

Humanization means not taking too much care of your emails . It should not look like an advertisement. A too good-looking email with a lot of images will give you a commercial image that will do you a disservice. If your recipient feels like they are receiving an advertisement, they will not be receptive and will remain suspicious. I will even advise you not to hesitate not to stylize it. The recipient will think you took the time to write them personally, rather than feeling like you’re drowned in a mailchimp contact list.

Your email should allow the recipient to go further in their purchasing journey. It must contain a Call To Action (CTA) in other words, a call to action button. This button must be visible and offer a simple and obvious action . Avoid the “Find out more” buttons and favor action verbs in the first person singular, for example: “I download”, “I register”, “I take an appointment”, etc.

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