Here are 5 key ideas taken from the book “digital communication explained to my boss” in this interview conducted by Frédéric Canevet during a Web 2 Connect conference on the subject of our best-selling book, Digital communication explained to my boss . I’m reposting this Swaziland Email List from 2013 because, with hindsight, a lot of this advice remains relevant. With digital marketing having become essential, with the isolation in which companies, employees, salespeople and customers find themselves, I thought that these tips could be useful for you to go through the next few months without a hitch and enjoy it, why not, to turn the situation to your advantage.

5 key ideas from the book “digital communication explained to my boss” When they were young they revolted for freedom, the democratization of culture and against bourgeois authority . It is in this logic that they very quickly adopted the Internet, which has always claimed to be free and accessible (even if this beautiful idea of ​​freedom which made the beginning of the Internet has given way to capitalist highways, given the hegemony of the GAFA and other BATX platforms… not to mention the almost obvious end of net neutrality in the United States).

5 Strong Ideas From The Best Seller Of Digital Communication: N ° 1 – It’s Not A Domain Of Geeks

The first, and not the least, is that digital marketing or digital communication is not a geek’s field. We must get out of this preconceived idea. This is certainly an area that requires a strong technicality, just like double entry accounting, or any other area of ​​business, you must master this technicality.

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However, she does not minimize the importance of the subject. In accounting, if you get it wrong, the consequences can be serious. Digital, in the same way, has become a necessary step. You have to master the vocabulary, the strategic scope , but it is not for all that a field of geek, so we must get rid of this idea.

It is also to stay “in” and above all in contact with their children and grandchildren that young people armed with their smartphones have quickly learned to tame new digital uses. Brands or organizations that want to offer relevant user experiences therefore regularly look at these “hyper active” personas!

5 Strong Ideas Of Digital Communication: N ° 2 – Don’t Give In To Fashion

The second thing is that we must not give in to fashion and launch initiatives to show off, but because they have an interest and they meet an objective. Either a goal you had before or a goal that technology has revealed that you hadn’t thought of . Because it is also necessary to think in these two directions. So, above all, do not give in to fashion and blog, for example, for the sake of blogging, there are cases where it is not of great interest. And there are many others where, on the contrary, a blog will allow you to position yourself or even sell, especially if your profession is consulting.

By using AdWords, it is possible to follow the evolution of what is called our branded organic traffic , that is to say the visits induced by keywords including your brand or the name of your products. This kind of research is done by internet users who are specifically looking for your brand or business, and is generally not influenced by our SEO efforts. On the other hand, if your branded organic traffic is flat and your general organic traffic is increasing, you can deduce that this evolution is due to your SEO efforts and you can include this data in your analysis report.

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