LinkedIn is not just a professional network to stay connected with your contacts. Well used, it allows companies to establish their notoriety and Rwanda Email List new customers. Its popularity is unfailing: LinkedIn currently has 500 million active users worldwide. To help you apply and optimize your marketing strategy on LinkedIn, I offer 5 important statistics to watch on this network if you have a business page.

With the marginalization of online administrative tasks and the need to master new tech tools (even to get vaccinated!), Everyone should have free access to personalized digital training that guarantees digital fundamentals .

Overall Performance Of The Publication

To get an idea of ​​the performance of a project, it is necessary to know how it is going. On LinkedIn, you can quickly get an idea of ​​the performance of each post thanks to the statistics tab below it. You will discover impressions (i.e. the number of times your post was displayed), clicks, interaction rate, etc. The higher the values ​​of these parameters, the better the performance of the post. But do not stop at these figures, the “statistics” part of Linkedin will provide you with overall figures that are interesting to analyze.

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Fortunately, thanks to networking , digital digital workshops and many courses offered by videoconference or as part of MOOCS, are the guarantee of free and fast digital training online. A way to rebalance the strengths of digital and give everyone access to this learning, whatever the territory, urban or rural and the financial means available!

The Demographics Of Your Subscribers

Your follower demographics provide you with information about the types of people who follow your LinkedIn Page. Subscribers can be business executives, seniors, owners, newbies, or even managers. It is an important indicator. Indeed even if having a large community is important, it is still necessary that this one is made up of people having an interest in your company .

Source: Rural Digital, digital training comes to you by van ( by Stephane FRABOUL) Numerous national initiatives are also aimed at bridging regional digital inequalities. Associations like Diversidays campaign against digital precariousness, known as illectronism (digital inability) in order to help individuals train for digital professions.

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