The most important tip for maintaining mental health and energy in remote work is the simplest of all: create a space for yourself away from the rest of the world and your workload.

Knowing when you need to work is important, but knowing when to unplug is vital. Disconnection is a recognized labor right!

It’s easy to get used to the online world. Via phone or laptop, you’re always connected.

Even outside of your business hours, you may feel compelled to respond to an email, text, or fix a problem. Being “on” all the time will exhaust you mentally and physically.

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In their article “How to Japan WhatsApp Number List Unplug from Work and Enjoy Your Free Time (Without Feeling Guilty).” This post explains how routine can cause guilt, added stress, and worsen your overall health, simply by not taking a break.

When was the last time you walked or stretched your muscles and tendons? Did you drink water today? Stop trying to get another email and learn to take a step back and do something else.

Establish a firm schedule for your work as you would if it were face-to-face. Set the alarm for the end of the day as a reminder to put down your laptop and take some time to have fun.

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Overtime or an important project is due in 24 hours, you can wait until tomorrow. Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” and set up an out-of-office email system, so your co-workers know they can’t ask you to work at any time.

Finally, when you’re done for the day, silence your phone. Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, and other outlets can suck you in with notifications that lead you into the endless maze of web surfing.

Take a break from your phone and let you and it recharge in peace. Prioritize your well-being before productivity and before pleasing others.

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