Pass his client experience. Experiential marketing is about giving the prospect or customer a memorable experience … is more difficult in real life than on paper. We have debated this topic many times, often Mauritania Email List the same conclusion: companies are quite proud of what they achieve, but only the lived experience of the customer can validate the work provided. In short, having a successful customer experience is harder than it looks.

Fortunately, Olivier Vigneaux , CEO of the BETC Fullsix group, has been carrying out an X index barometer with OpinionWay for three years to measure the discriminating criteria in the evaluation of a customer experience. And from the 3rd edition of this barometer, Olivier extracted four secrets of a successful customer experience that he told me in a recent interview. Paradoxically, however, our research also found that over 81% of UK and French marketers find their website’s search engines quite or very satisfying .

4 Secrets For A Successful Customer Experience

There is a real gap to be crossed, emphasizes Olivier. This barometer is carried out to understand which criteria are really discriminating in the evaluation that people make of the experience they have with brands.

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This barometer, which covers the United States, France, China, India and the United Kingdom, surveyed around 30,000 consumers, and measured the criteria most contributing to the effectiveness of the experience of more of 250 brands in a wide variety of sectors, ranging from distribution to the automotive sector, including banking, hotels, fashion, beauty, etc.

First Observation: Some Countries Have Higher Averages

The average in France is 7.3 out of 10, while the Chinese give a score of 7.7 to the brands they evaluate, and the Indians, more generous, go up to 8.5. We have three main families of criteria for evaluating the customer experience, explains Olivier: the criteria linked to the brand, to the relational quality, and to the act of purchase itself.

Depending on the geography, the criteria do not have the same weight. In France, the United States and the United Kingdom, the quality of the actual act of purchase is paramount, notes Olivier. It counts a lot in the evaluation which is made of the experience. While in China and India, the quality of relationship elements matters much more. This projects us a little into the future, he emphasizes, because these countries being more digitized, the more the relationship becomes digital and becomes virtual, the more the elements of the experience linked to the intrinsic quality of the relationship have a significant weight. and matter enormously.

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