“Sorry, Inbound what?” “ Inbound Marketing …! 🙂 ”. That is what I heard no later than this morning, during the coffee break. More seriously, in digital Liberia Email List , we hear more and more about Inbound. Its definition was one of the 60 terms to know , to shine in society, posted last October on our blog. In opposition to traditional (or outbound) marketing the idea is to naturally bring the customer to you. No more advertising spots, radio, the 4 by 3 that spoil the view, Welcome to qualified content !

The goal here is not to give you the theory of Inbound (we have a page from our sitewhich does it very well!) but to show you why, as a training organization, you cannot miss out on Inbound Marketing. And something tells me you’ll find it hard to contradict us! In order to always stay in touch with its members and up to date with what is happening in the groups, Facebook provides us with a dedicated application which is available on Android at the same time .

Because Your Time Is Precious

You are the head of a training organization. So you are an entrepreneur who lives at 100 per hour and cannot afford to waste his time. Is not it ?

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So you can’t afford to pick up your phone and call all the potential participants of the training you want to open in 5 months (even if you are dying to do so, especially this afternoon when you do not want to devote yourself to your activity report at all). You like to exchange, debate, talk about the excellence of your establishment – that is not the question – and it is an excellent practice. But would it no longer be relevant (and effective) to serve this discourse to a clearly identified audience, target , potential clientele ? In other words, be sure that this speech arrives at the right place … and above all, at the right time.

Because Your Training Organization Is Different

It is important for your participant to know that he is in the right place: it is your organization that will be able to answer his questions, his problems and allow him to gain skills. He needs to be reassured, show him that you are credible . For that, you are going to deliver regular content to it, and of quality (please). Once your editorial line has been drawn (even just sketched out) you can set up your emailing campaign, regularly write and publish your blog articles, animate your Facebook page, etc. ; so many communication actions through which you will be able to show that you are the most suitable!

“ Content marketing is the link between what brands produce and what consumers actually want. ”~ Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group Imagine that you put online a book white , with tips and tricks to “become the most brilliant student” ( Example: able to take advantage of all learning, available as soon as you cross the threshold of the body training, organized etc. ). This content, a priori, the result of long research, has a high value. It may also be offered against contact information (last name, first name, email, post, etc.). You will therefore have useful fields and for the prospect, a white paper that interests him. In short, a win-win!

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