In 2017, the online presence will again and always take a preponderant place in a digital strategy. When you represent a training Gambia Email List , the goal is obviously to make yourself known in order to recruit as many trainees as possible for the various training courses offered. For this, setting up a website remains one of the most effective ways to display online. But, if you want to stand out from your competitors, it is imperative to establish a real strategy around it, we are no longer in the era of the simple showcase site!

Having a rich and dynamic website will not only allow you to meet the expectations of interns , but also to rise in the results on search engines . We will therefore detail in this article the main parts that should retain your full attention and the specificities of these. Because know it, on each page, its strategy!

Your Home Page

It must be simple, neat, clear and precise! Indeed, when a visitor arrives on this page, it must immediately capture his attention and at the same time he must know with whom and with what he has to do.

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To capture the user’s intention, it is important to take care of the top part of the page to make them want to go further on your website. To do this, you can integrate visuals with a short, relevant catchphrase, be careful not to use images from image banks, they are completely impersonal, rather prefer photos taken during training to strengthen the side. human (don’t forget to ask permission from the trainees).

Your “About” Page

This is where you will present your structure , your trainers, your expertise and other certifications. Prefer a term other than “About”, much too generic. Try things like “Get to know us”, “Our trainers introduce themselves!”, “What exactly are we doing?” …

If you want to introduce your trainers, why not ask them to introduce themselves? A small presentation of their shares will have a lot more impact! Add a link to their website or their social networks (pro of course: LinkedIn and Twitter ) to strengthen the relational side and highlight their expertise.

When presenting your training center, you have to highlight your qualities, position yourself as an expert in your field without being pretentious. Do not use too strong language and too complicated terms, you must remain accessible to your trainees ! If you have one or more labels proving a particular certification, do not hesitate to include them at the end of this page.

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