The counter history of the Internet is our hymn to the Free Internet! What web do we Barbados Email List to live with? What internet do we want to build? The Internet is our individual freedom, and not to understand the Internet is to alienate one’s freedom.

To fully understand the militants, activists and other movements, which formed the political conscience of the Internet, it is ESSENTIAL to SEE THIS DOCUMENT, broadcast on Arte. Back on CyberHippie, Julien Assange, or John Perry Barlow, who were “hit” while wanting to defend freedom of expression!

So, If You Too Think There Is A Need For A “Civilized Internet”, Move On.

The Internet is not only Google and Facebook, it is also a free space for hackers who made it possible to bypass censorship during the Arab Spring or even in Syria.

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Internet, thought of as the Mecca of freedom of expression, is often undermined by our policies, for whom the Internet is full of barbarians. Unfortunately, they do not know the issues behind it.

What Is Your Work Methodology?

We are divided into 2 teams, a tech / product team and a marketing / acquisition team and we get weekly and monthly points on the various objectives. There is little or no management because the teams are senior and independent in relation to their objectives. Everyone is responsible for good development as all employees have shares in the company. The idea is that the success benefits everyone, everyone involved in the project and not just the 2 founders.

We work a lot in short circuit and we prefer to do it quickly even if it means crashing and starting over even 10 times rather than spending 6 months on something without finding a solution. The idea is to multiply the small tasks, the “quick wins” to always move forward. For the moment we want to stay in Beta version so that all users feel free to send us any suggestions they want and that we can improve the service. We have no precise ideas of the finished product and it could take many forms.

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