is the description still up to date? Your  Iran WhatsApp Number List  visuals? Also remember to modify your schedules if they are posted on your networks and have changed. The first capital that we have is our health, we must take care of it above all in Tip 12: develop your voice on LinkedIn LinkedIn, do you use? You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it! The professional social network is a real gold mine to help you develop your voice, extend your visibility … and even generate leads ! Discover all our tips In B2B , LinkedIn is an excellent ally for deploying your inbound marketing and social selling strategies . Social what? The selling social , it’s just the fact of using social networks in order to sell.

And yes, purchasing behavior has changed with digital: it is therefore quite logical that the behavior of the salesperson is also changing! In a few years, salespeople have gone from 4 to 8 attempts to secure a meeting with a prospect. In this context, LinkedIn becomes a central tool to generate more leads in your business . This social network is ideal for prospecting! It becomes possible to monitor your competitors, to detect people interested in your business, to better understand what they are looking for, to refine your targets, etc.

Tip 12: Develop Your

Obviously, you can’t really “sell on LinkedIn”. On the other hand, a good use of LinkedIn will allow you to listen, influence your audience and get more appointments! You will in fact be able to: Increase your visibility and generate interest by offering high added value content or commenting on posts. Send personalized and non-intrusive messages using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, but also measure the performance of these messages (open rate). Highlight your value proposition and thus encourage meetings!  Want to learn how to use LinkedIn to generate more leads?


Discover our distance learning courses to build skills on social selling on LinkedIn!we analyze the data collected and compare them to bring out lessons. We thus create indicators, measure variations, and if necessary install a zero point to be monitored in the future. Program the improvement : we then present the results of our business investigations as well as the economic analyzes produced. We identify the avenues of work all aimed at improving or building the conditions for profitability. We support or transfer skills to the right people. We want our customers to be free from any commitment. Everything evolves quickly, and it is essential to be able to be reactive.

Voice On Linkedin

We support our clients in the implementation of rituals and routines contributing to the continuous improvement of economic performance (CoGest, ComEx, etc.). # 5 – What are the priority indicators to follow as a business leader? A word of advice: a good indicator will preferably be a ratio , yielding € to units handled on a daily basis in the field (€ / h, € / km, € / kg, units / h etc.) . Each indicator will relate to a type of income or expense, and even better if it relates to a level of margin, or a measure of the time that passes to understand the evolution of cash flow (correlated to the evolution of working capital). You have to go step by step and start with 4 to 5 key indicators, chosen with care. There is no default list. The indicators should be:

The operational reflection of the company’s own strategy Crossing the accountant’s € with the work units managed every minute by the teams Simple, objective, exhaustive, easily reproducible over time Like the evolution of the effectiveness and efficiency of the company (margin and cash). When over time the improvement of these “level off”, it is time to go more finely in the analysis and complete this first draft with sub-indicators or thematic dashboards: by activity (commercial, logistics, HR, marketing…), by site / workshop, by geographic area… The quest for continuous improvement is endless! # 6 – And the benefit for the company? The benefits are manifold! In addition to those that can be valued in hard currency,

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