While the confinement continues, MV  Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List  Group offers you a challenge throughout the month of April: every day, discover new advice to adapt your digital strategy and prepare for the recovery! Tip 9: be in compliance with the GDPR No company has been able to miss this information: the CNIL will publish its new recommendations concerning the GDPR within a few months. Although the Commission has not currently decided on a date, we advise you to start thinking about this compliance in order to include this project in your planning . Discover all our tips The first thing to do? You will need to integrate a cookie banner , because you will need to obtain and keep your users’ consent to cookies.

Cookies are quite simply files generated by a website when an Internet user visits, and which contain information on their browsing. Until then, the CNIL recommended a simple cookie banner, including a “find out more” button to configure them. In July 2019, the CNIL supervised the deposit of cookies and other tracers. The “explicit consent” of the user becomes mandatory, leading to two consequences for the sites: Continuing to browse a site no longer equates to the explicit acceptance of the deposit of cookies. Operators must now prove that they have obtained this explicit consent from the Internet user. The simple cookie banner is therefore no longer sufficient

Tip 9: Be In Compliance With The Gdpr

you must now modify it in order to obtain the consent of your users and to explain to them what the different cookies are used for. Thus, your users can have the choice to accept everything, refuse everything or make a personalized choice regarding cookies. To be fully in compliance with the recommendations of the CNIL, also remember to update the General Conditions of Use of your site, supplementing them with a clear and exhaustive cookie policy . Want to go further? That’s good, the experts at Mediaveille, an agency specializing in acquisition and conversion, have produced a special GDPR guide for you.


Enjoy it! customer loyalty rate of 92%, and at the same time to develop the well-being of our teams. # 5 – The best KPIs are those which combine relevance (for the decision maker) AND best quality / cost ratio, how do you ensure that the tools put in place at MV Group meet these criteria? We invest a lot in tools and working methods to save time for our experts, so that they can spend the maximum time in strategic advice . This strategy has a double effect, it allows us to obtain greater performance for our customers and also contributes to the well-being of our teams.

Integrate A Cookie Banner

In our businesses, the more we are at peace, the more we are able to integrate, learn and exploit the permanent innovations of our markets. On the working methods, we have done and continue to do an enormous job. We were in Denmark, dedicated a person permanently to these actions to optimize the working methods of all. We cannot say that working methods are very developed in France. Who has had training to learn how to master their email messaging? No one, and yet how much time do we spend on it? Limiting internal emails, putting transversal tools between subsidiaries and divisions, limiting meetings and optimizing their efficiency, working on internal communication, all of this has been a considerable step forward in terms of saving time, which we have devoted entirely to our clients.

This is what allows us an availability and responsiveness that our customers consider exceptional. # 6 – Do you think that (and why) the type of management established at MV Group is adequate to serve its development objectives (activity / profitability)? This is somewhat what I mentioned above, since the beginning of our development plan we have sought a balance between an excellent level of customer service and the economic performance of the company. The advantage we have is that we are and want to remain a financially independent group, we are building a strategy that corresponds to our values ​​and are free to adjust the cursor to maintain the right balance between customer service and employee well-being . The group’s employees are familiar with our famous “SMART FAMILY

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