watch what is being said about your  Jamaica WhatsApp Number List brand More than ever, in this very special period when Internet traffic has increased tenfold since March, you need to know what Internet users think of your brand , your products or even customer service. Thus, during this period you must be attentive and set up an e-reputation watch! E-reputation monitoring, what for? It is not because we are in a period of health crisis that you must cut yourself off from your customers, on the contrary! By setting up an e-reputation watch, you will be able to recover data on the image of your company, your products, your services. Internet users and influencers are constantly interacting on social networks, forums and review sites. It is therefore primarily on social networks and review sites that you should pay your attention.

The goal ? Understand the image that your customers (and prospects!) Have of your business to make sure it is aligned with what you think, with what you want to convey, with your values. How is that a competitive advantage? As you will have understood, the goal of e-reputation monitoring is not only to listen to what is being said about your brand, but above all to be able to make the right decisions to ensure the development of your business . You will be able to put in place corrective actions if necessary in order to transform your weaknesses into strengths. Finally, monitoring allows you to have better visibility of your targets: by better understanding what is being said about your brand,

E-reputation Monitoring, What For?

you better understand the expectations of your customers, and can thus offer them an unforgettable brand experience . This watch must be done in a very regular manner to be effective. This period of confinement is a good time to listen to your Internet users , because it is in such special moments that we can build relationships for the future that can be lasting! diamond, which perfectly sums up this global balance in order to have a more sustainable approach favorable to the entire ecosystem.we can no longer work together. But for all that, we do not judge the other collaborators in relation to this type of character. Well, it’s the same for companies, it is not because an employee has come across a bad company or a bad manager that he must put them all in the same bag. We are asked to judge us on our own action


not on those of others. For that, and it is not easy for the employee, he must do a “reset” of his software. Health crisis: a deepening of confidence The confinement linked to Covid-19, and more generally the health context, have made it possible to further deepen this reciprocity in the relationship of trust. At MV Group, we have been transparent with employees by immediately providing them with information, so as not to leave them in uncertainty, and we have completely trusted them in the management of their teleworking assignments .

Retarget Your Internet User To Promote Conversion


While the confinement continues, MV Group offers you a challenge throughout the month of April: every day, discover new advice to adapt your digital strategy and prepare for the recovery! Tip n ° 7: avoid cart abandonment and retarget your audience In the current context of declining activity and store closings, preserving every order on your merchant site is of crucial importance . In normal times (so to speak), nearly 7 out of 10 customers on average abandon their shopping cart. Do not assume that the person who has not completed a purchase is lost : on the contrary, it is Internet users who did not go to the end of the conversion process, often for personal reasons (a hesitation, a phone call, an emergency …) or for reasons linked to the site (price, ergonomics, delivery conditions or costs, lack of confidence).

Even imagine if you convert 30% of those orders ! It is a real lever of business currently easy to recover as long as you put in place the right solution. Discover all our tips Retarget your Internet user to promote conversion When you detect a cart abandonment, we advise you to take actions to retarget the Internet user. Whether he has identified himself or not, you have several solutions to transform him into a customer ! If your customer has identified himself , has logged into his account before abandoning his cart, you will have rich information to contact him again: His customer number (ID The identifier of his basket The detail of his basket His email His cookie You will therefore be able to engage this customer in two ways: By launching a “cart abandonment” scenario from your CMS (sending a simple,

and your Marketing Automation platform. A real plus! If the customer has not identified himself before abandoning his cart, you have poorer data, but still usable: The identifier of his basket The detail of his basket His cookie. This scenario is obviously more complex, but you can re-engage users who have abandoned their cart in two ways: Work with your web marketing agency which uses cookie matching solutions to find the user’s email and thus be able to retarget it via email. Use a solution that allows the reconciliation of digital data with data from your RCU (Single Customer Repository) : we connect the CDP (Customer Data Platform) to a DMP (Data Management Platform) which can trace the connection path, reconcile data and identify the customer through their connection history. In return,

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