While the confinement continues, MV Japan WhatsApp Number List  Group offers you a challenge throughout the month of April: every day, discover new advice to adapt your digital strategy and prepare for the recovery! Tip 6: organize the redesign of your site Have you ever considered redesigning your website ? Take advantage of this period of confinement to take the time to organize it! Your website is not just a showcase: it must have real added value, and even help you increase your turnover . Discover all our tips We recommend that you consider a redesign when your site:

Is too dated, obsolete or no longer corresponds to the current requirements of the web (poorly referenced, not suitable for mobile). Is not or no longer suited to your business objectives and no longer allows you to develop your turnover. Does not meet your need to develop your business, reposition your brand or launch a new activity. Redesigning your website is an opportunity to intervene on the graphic aspect, of course, but also on the structure, which you will improve to promote the user experience . It is above all an opportunity to ensure that you have a site suitable for mobile browsing (which, since 2016, has overtaken computer browsing). Your website

Tip 6: Organize The Redesign Of Your Site

, the centerpiece of your marketing strategy It is important to understand that your website is a central element in the development strategy of your business . Its objectives must be determined in advance (development of your audience, increase in leads, increase in conversions, etc.), and it must work in synergy with the other growth levers of your activity. Note, however, that when redesigning your site, you cannot separate the conversion and visibility objectives , but must instead work on them at the same time. Increasing the number of visitors to your site is important, but your site must be adapted to turn them from prospects to customers : this is how you can grow your business. This is all the more crucial if you have an e-commerce site : you will then have to put everything in place to promote conversion,


that is to say increase your sales (promotions, highlighting of your products, etc.). Remember that a site redesign is inseparable from a dynamic of continuous optimization! Once your site is finalized, you must continue to adapt it to the changing uses of users, and to optimize your natural referencing, and this requires good monitoring of its performance. Do you want to have all the assets in your hands to make a successful redesign, and for your site to become a full-fledged lever of your digital strategy? That’s good news, the experts at Mediaveille

We Recommend That You Consider A Redesign When Your Site:

, a digital agency specializing in acquisition and conversion, have produced a complete guide for you for a good site redesign! they trusted the company to manage the crisis. An internal survey showed that 99% of employees were satisfied with the way MV Group had anticipated things, and that 88% had taken more autonomy in their work than usual. The magic of trust Succeeding in building a relationship of trust is magicMV Goup employees As you can see, the goal for Ramsay Santé is to equip itself every day with qualified content written or amplified by the different types of stakeholders in the group.


it allows a lot of things, almost everything for that matter: Build a stronger and more sincere relationship To face the most complicated periods To release a lot of energy to succeed in projects Inner tranquility for everyone, from employees to the CEO To accept the error To hear the advice, the remarks to progress faster To develop the company without fear of change To surpass himself in his work To have a more pleasant and peaceful life. Often, for the well-being at work of employees, we are told about table football or fruit baskets in the cafeteria, because it is visible and ​Feed local and global communication by categorizing communication on social networks thanks to the ambassador program which gives a voice to an employee.

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