Tip 5: communicate about your services  Jordan WhatsApp Number List  During this period when your customers and prospects will spend more time than usual on the internet, you must maintain the link, communicate of course but also inform them. Indeed, in this unique moment, we will seek to replace physical social contact with virtual social contact . You must broadcast messages on the platforms on which your contacts spend time, much more time than usual: on your site, via emails of course (without going overboard), but also on the networks social . Discover all our tips Remember to communicate on everything that impacts your business , anticipating the questions that may arise.

Nothing will be more frustrating for your customers or future customers right now than reading the wrong information. Here is some information you can give Explain if you have deployed a business continuity plan If you have new in-store rules in place to limit contact and ensure everyone’s safety If you have implemented appropriate or reinforced health and safety measures for online sales If your points of sale are closed or if your hours have changed (remember to update your Google My Business listings and your Facebook pages!) If your delivery times are extended or if home deliveries are suspended If you have set up a loyalty card, let your customers know if it is extended If you have set up a specific phone number with extended time slots

Tip 5: Communicate About Your Services

If there are any changes concerning your after-sales service (how are the returns and exchanges going). All the practical information that you are going to be able to give will facilitate the relationship with your customers , and right now everyone needs a little ease! And above all, remember to update them as your activity evolves in relation to the situation, and to highlight your value propositions .Whether the ambassador is a caregiver, a leader, a liberal practitioner or a patient, he is an actor who has an appetite for communication and the sharing of experience and knowledge , which contributes to the reputation of the group. . You too have the project to give voice to your employees, so do not hesitate to listen to the podcast of Bertrand Barbet and Kévin Nayraguet during Inbound Marketing France!


An ambassador program requesting content “We are never the best if we are not interested in the outside world and that of proximity to the healthcare professions”, this is the vision of Kévin Nayraguet and the Ramsay Santé group in their content strategy. For any action plan, it is necessary to diversify its sources of content and to attract the reader . If all you talk about is yourself and your business, your reader will get bored of it. On the contrary, if you show that you are open to the outside world and your surroundings , you will be a winner. Here, the objective was to distribute more widely content directly concerning Ramsay Santé as well as medico-social content, by propelling everything thanks to Limber. Animating a community of ambassadors The functionality of the newsletter automation makes it possible to generate more shares,

Here Is Some Information You Can Give

to promote the content supported by the ambassadors and to highlight the best collaborators in order to reward them. The Ramsay Santé group has adopted this newsletter principle which challenges and motivates employees when they receive the monthly ranking of communication actions. And the icing on the cake: they talk about it around them, a token of notoriety! Limber’s inbound functionality Within everyone’s reach and accessible to all skills, the email signature is also a source of content enhancement : for each email sent, the recipient can see the latest content via an automatic update. It is a customization of your signature ready to use and dynamic over time! Delegation of accounts This is an exceptional case for people who want to contribute to corporate communication but either don’t have the time or the skills to do it.

This functionality is taken into account by the Ramsay Santé marketing and communication team, which is responsible for writing and presenting the content to top managers . They can modify, reject or accept the content available on the content wall. It is a way of engaging the teams more extensively without interfering in their work and taking up their time. MV Group employees in meetings Limber, the tool par excellence for employee advocacy The Limber and Ramsay Santé alliance has proven to be extremely beneficial! Ramsay Santé employees shared 3 times more content than before

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