04 2020 While the confinement continues, MV Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List  Group offers you a challenge throughout the month of April: every day, discover new advice to adapt your digital strategy and prepare for the recovery! Tip 4: rethink your personas To attract prospects interested in your products and services, you must be able to respond to their challenges and problems. But by the way, do you really know who your targets are? Do you know their issues? Their pebble in the shoe? In order to communicate appropriately and be able to respond precisely to their needs, you have to know them, actually. Discover all our tips For this, you must define your personas These representations of your customers are created from your customer data from your CRM, behavioral data related to navigation on your site, declarative data filled in forms,

the media they prefer to use, but also and above all from field information from interviews. Personas are real identity cards! They must allow you to understand the motivations of your prospects or customers , but also the brakes they could have when going through you for a product or service. The goal ? To be able to identify your strengths, and consolidate them, but also your weaknesses and points of friction, to resolve them! Example persona You will thus define your personas who are your “typical” customers. But above all, by better understanding your targets, you will have all the keys in hand to adjust your communication, adapt the messages disseminated and the content offered to your targets, and put in place the right levers to transform your prospects into customers .

Tip 4: Rethink Your Personas

You understand, the goal is to be present to best meet the expectations of your prospects and customers to ensure that they will turn to you when making their choice! If you already have personas, are they still relevant? Do they have the same issues as when you created them? Indeed, consumer behavior is constantly evolving: you must therefore make sure that the messages you broadcast are always appropriate, and that they are addressed to your core target.  Convinced of the importance of creating or reshaping your personas? You do not know where to start ? Winbound, an inbound marketing and account-based marketing agency, offers you this ultimate guide to building your marketing personas! , both on Ramsay Santé but also on full-fledged medical expertise and the hospital medicine business sector.


Or strategic watch content. However, the big observation noted by Ramsay Santé lies in the top 10 ambassadors with only two of them coming from the communications sector. On the strength of its success, the ambassador program is proving to be engaging for employees, who consider it to be a real work of internal and permanent communication. “Bringing the brand to life through yourself and as many people as possible” This is the goal of all Ramsay Santé employees in their communication on social networks., yet it is guided by our emotions and our desire for progress. And it’s reassuring to think you’re in control. It should be noted that we are experiencing a real change: our children, from kindergarten, are made aware of the naturalness and the importance of expressing and managing their emotions,

For This, You Must Define Your Personas

within the framework of respect and good living together. . We understood that silencing emotions developed, among other things, what we call, in personal development, restrictive messages : “be strong, hurry, please, make an effort, be perfect” … Inherited from our education, they come from expressions and injunctions that we heard frequently in our childhood , and that we perceived as the sine qua non of obtaining the recognition or the love of our parents and the people who raised us, participated in our education. And that we find, moreover, frequently in company management. # 5 – Why do you think it is important that they learn to master them? Emotions can paralyze thought and action, cause neural panics and, paradoxically, are essential for rational decisions. They allow us to assert our criteria for selecting what we want to experience or not to experience.

Our emotions are self-sustaining and can sometimes generate reflex behaviors that are unsuitable for the context and the situation. The emotional mind is faster than the rational mind, indeed emotion precedes thought because our survival depends on our reactivity. By being connected to his emotions, we have access to our intuition. And intuition, you will certainly agree, dear Olivier, is a precious resource for a leader. In addition, the emotional mind has an associative logic, it takes sides for everything, and lacks discernment . So knowing how to manage your emotions allows you to rely on them with relevance or, on the contrary, to know how to detach yourself from them in order to make enlightened decisions. We do not choose what we experience but we can learn to live our emotions better! Regulating your emotions means taking a step towards fluidity.

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