While the confinement continues,  India WhatsApp Number List  MV Group offers you a challenge throughout the month of April: every day, discover new advice to adapt your digital strategy and prepare for the recovery! Tip 14: collect customer reviews During this lockdown period, your customers will have more time, and will therefore be more inclined to leave reviews. The first thing to do? Make sure you provide them with quality support and give them a unique experience in order to have favorable opinions! And yes, when we know that 95% of consumers consult opinions  purchase, and that in addition to that they are the most able to share their experience once the purchase has been made, we understand the importance of collecting customers’ opinion !

There are two types of reviews: the commercial review , which concerns a company or a process, and the product review , which concerns a specific product. Discover all our tips Where do we collect customer reviews? Google My Business: it is the ideal channel for developing your local presence! Make sure your information is up to date, encourage your customers to post reviews. Don’t overlook this profile! The strength of Google My Business is immense, to the point that 63.6% of consumers say they consult the reviews available on Google My Business before going to a point of sale.

Tip 14: Collect Customer Reviews

On your site of course: use solutions which are specialized in collecting customer reviews and which are truly trusted third parties (Verified Reviews in particular). Be careful in choosing your opinion platform: we advise you to select partners recognized in particular by Google. Indeed, only these recognized partners will allow you to benefit from the stars directly integrated into your Google Ads and Shopping ads. Via Google tools: Google Customer Reviews (free program) or Google Consumer Survey Directories : the Yellow Pages, Tripadvisor, the Fork, Yelp… So many sites on which Internet users are likely to leave or read opinions about you and which you will need to take into account.


Google Play, App Store: these are comments and opinions left on an application. Remember to respond to your users! They will impact the referencing of your listing and its conversion rate to installation. Best practices to put in place Setting up your harvesting strategy: it is important to think about the time of collection. After purchase? Upon receipt of the order? Post-order? The choice of the moment of collection must adapt to the particularities of your products or services, and allow to maximize the (positive) returns. Continuously collect customer reviews: 85% of consumers believe that reviews older than three months are irrelevant. For the influence to be positive on your prospects , you must therefore have new opinions regularly! Also, monitor the volume of reviews:

Where Do We Collect Customer Reviews?

the stars in your Google Ads ads will only be displayed if the volume is sufficient (100 unique reviews per country over the last 12 months minimum). Check that your reviews contain microdata (Avis structured data), so your stars will appear in natural Google results and in paid results (search or Shopping), and your click-through rate will be considerably boosted. Know that having stars considerably increases the visibility of the ads, the credibility of the brand, and therefore the click-through rate! Respond to reviews: 89% of consumers read responses to reviews. Whether positive or negative, respond to them to show that you are close to your customers and that they can count on you.

Do not hesitate to use a notification management solution (Uberall for example) if you have a lot of establishments, you will gain in efficiency! In the event of a negative opinion, collect new opinions by relaunching a targeted collection. Set up surveys : they will allow you to know what your customers appreciate the most, what should be improved. Use this customer feedback to improve your internal operations: products, after-sales service, customer relations, etc. Use specialized solutions , adapted to your specificities or your sector: Uberall for networks or Immodvisor for real estate for example. In any case, the best advice we can give is to act before it’s too late by getting to know each other better.

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