Tip 11: analyze audiences and performance  Israel WhatsApp Number List  A few years ago, the customer journey was simple: just one channel for inspiration (television, press, word of mouth) and then your future customers would go to the store to buy. Today, the multiplicity of media and channels means that the purchasing journey has lost its linearity. Results ? It is increasingly difficult to know what was the determining lever in the client’s decision-making. However, it is important to have access to measurements and data to understand the traffic you generate, but also the behavior of your visitors once they arrive on your site. Moreover, you must regularly analyze the figures and statistics of your website in order to be able to make the right budgetary decisions ! Discover all our tips To analyze your website,

you will need a web analysis tool , such as Google Analytics , which analyzes the audience of your site and makes it possible to measure the performance of web marketing actions . If you have deployed offline actions (tv, radio, etc.), you must be able to identify the traffic generated by your campaigns on your website . If you have points of sale and a loyalty card, then you will also need to be able to identify the actions that have made it possible to generate more traffic and sales in your stores: for this you must be able to raise the turnover of your stores. points of sale in a datamart . You will also need to create a global dashboard, which will allow you to carry out reports highlighting the KPIs

Tip 11: Analyze Audiences And Performance

(Key Performance Indicators) corresponding to your activity and your objectives. This is how you will be able to measure the contributions and performance of each lever while having a unique and 360 view of your customers. It is only by consolidating all this data that you can then prioritize actions to optimize performance and choose the most ROIst levers. measured in the accounts (improvement in margins, new cash flow capacity, etc.), all stakeholders perceive profound changes: The leaders, aware of the benefits of well-placed delegation, gain visibility and serenity, they rely on a team that has the means to decide with clairvoyance. The women and men, company employees,


engaged in a new management dynamic where they are empowered and listened to, or even remunerated on the measured performance gains (indicators included in the target bonus grid or agreement of incentive). The company’s financial partners (shareholders, bankers, etc.) who notice the improvement, hear a more coherent and comprehensive speech, and renew their confidence in the company. In addition, at a time when “baby boomer” leaders approach a well-deserved retirement, the number of business transfers / takeovers will increase. It is important in this case to ensure that sustainability is ensured through good management, good tools and thus land on an optimal valuation. Two female collaborators in front of a computer Nolwenn and Perrick to Olivier:

Have Access To Measurements And Data

“without a dashboard, you can’t run a business” # 1 – What are your definitions of a company’s performance, to be distinguished from business performance? For me, the company must be a clever balance: it must be economically viable (have results), share part of this wealth produced with its teams and implement social advances in order to develop the well-being of the teams. to serve customers well. The performance is therefore to maintain this balance permanently. Personally, performance is above all about succeeding in creating an environment where it becomes a common thread, all in an atmosphere where life is good. This is a key element, we are in markets in constant innovation, we must be able to assimilate all these novelties and use them to improve the performance of our customers

How do you involve your teams in making strategic or operational decisions, do they have feedback on consecutive results? Yes, a lot of actions, and especially the most strategic ones, are co-built with the teams, but not only. Our last strategic plan (Waouh 2023) was built by doing workshops with teams and with clients, which allows everyone to understand the decisions and participate in the construction of the common project. The implication is only stronger thereafter to implement it. Then yes, the results are shared, we are in total transparency. Twice a year, we hold a seminar to take stock of quality and quantity, and each quarter, I speak to all the teams in France with an appointment that the employees have called “The Boss’s Pitch”, which allows everyone to measure in a concrete way the fruits of its actions.

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