develop customer service Be close to your  Italy WhatsApp Number List  customers! It is now more than ever that your customer service must be impeccable . You should, as far as possible and depending on your industry, answer all questions or requests from your customers. The goal ? Be close to them despite the physical distance and provide them with quality service so that they will remember and turn to you again after confinement. Discover all our tips To develop your customer service, several solutions are possible Integration of a chatbot on your site: if your sector of activity lends itself to it, it is an excellent solution for developing customer relations , facilitating the research that Internet users can carry out on your site, or even answering questions simple (in the event of complex questions, the chatbot is an opportunity for a customer service employee

to take control). Interact with your audience: now is not the time to cut off all communication with your communities! On the contrary, it is important that you remain present, but by adapting your messages (this was the subject of our advice n ° 5, which we advise you to read !). Extend your customer service hours: the period is complex and unprecedented… and so are your customers’ questions! This is quite normal: faced with this unprecedented situation, your customers have a lot of doubts and expect you to be able to answer them. In order to reassure them, respond to emergencies and enhance your image by showing that you have taken control of the situation,

Tip 10: Develop Customer Service

if you can, extend the hours of your customer service. An example ? At MV Group, we are now reachable on an emergency number from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., including weekends. Qualify requests upstream : some questions can be answered by the chatbot or by a referral to an FAQ page. And this is important so as not to saturate your customer service with calls , to be able to provide quality support … and to increase your conversion rates ! Without feedback towards the teams and in the other direction, I do not see well how the teams can motivate themselves to the project and have meaning in their work. # 3 – How do you manage the overall performance (and of each business unit if applicable) of MV Group, have you set up dashboards grouping key performance indicators (KPIs)? Yes of course,


that’s the first thing I put in place when I bought Mediaveille 10 years ago. Without a dashboard, there is no way to run a business. As we say at home, “what cannot be measured cannot be optimized”. We have our dashboards shared with each manager: on the other hand, I don’t want a company where everyone is riveted exclusively on KPIs, because the consequence is rapid, these companies no longer think of their customers. However, we are focused on our customers and want to stay that way. Our dashboards allow us to give ourselves a photo at the moment “T”, which we analyze once a month, to adjust our strategy, our projects, our teams in order to always maintain the right level of service for our customers . I often remember that “the figures are only the photo of past actions that have been done, or not done

To Develop Your Customer Service

they must help for the future, but when they come out it is already too late. digital transition or transformation # 4 – Do you make a distinction between the KPIs that you provide to your clients as part of the projects they entrust to you (ROI approach) and those that you keep your eye on to manage all the activities of MV Group? Yes of course. For our clients, we measure precisely how much our actions earn them. We are a group with a “ROist” culture, each euro invested must yield returns to our customers (in turnover, in margin, in gaining new customers), and we analyze the contribution of each lever to its gains, to adjust the investments on the levers that yield the most .

The conversions are multi-channel, the quality of the analysis is therefore key to be sure to make the right trade-offs. Regarding our activities, we are a service company, we have to track the time spent per case and the load per FTE. We have our benchmarks to strike a balance between the quality of service for customers and financial balance for the company. It is also what allows us to anticipate for 8 years to launch recruitments . When we launched our development plan, we explained in the preamble that we did not want our customers to experience this growth nor our employees, otherwise the story is not tenable. This is exactly what has enabled us to benefit from an exceptional

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