Today we’re going to take a look at customer retention. Very often, to illustrate this concept, we speak of retention rate or loyalty rate, the idea being to measure the effects of our actions, implemented to keep our precious Liechtenstein Email Lists dear customers. The starting point is this: if “retention” is done correctly, you will spend much less time attracting new participants to your training organization. Conversely, if you have too much turnover, you will quickly run out of steam to capture new customers. You yourself know that it is tedious to put together a training file, in particular with funding requests, that it often takes a long time to precisely define the client’s business, his expectations, his needs … In short, no time to waste , let’s focus on the customer base and move forward!

The question is simple: are you tracking these 3 indicators ? This will allow us to know whether or not you are going through the stages in the loyalty process correctly. Let’s go ! This is why by creating regular content and defining the routes of prospects on the site, you simplify the task of commercial prospecting. By automating tasks well, you anticipate the paths and you naturally bring your visitor where you want him to go … In concrete terms, every Monday morning, you just have to go to your dashboard and your emails to find the list of leads (potential customers). It’s up to you to simply give them a phone call, to offer them an appointment the next day. You will then have the opportunity to offer him future training that should interest him. Simple, right?

The Number Of New Customers

Did you think that from this first item, I was going to reveal a great online tool, which in just 2 clicks allow you to measure this? Well no, but it’s still (much) better than that: I suggest you make a table , manually, in which you will enter your figures, your attendance statistics. And something tells me that you already have this tool, at the right time, let’s simplify your job.

Liechtenstein Email List

Facebook groups offer enormous potential, being able to adapt to a very varied panel of companies or organizations, but you still have to know how to use them effectively! It is therefore important to be supported by professionals in this process, so that these tools best meet your needs.

An Interesting And Often Overlooked Indicator Is The Rate Of New Visitors .

A high rate shows that visitors to the site are (almost) new every time. This is a good sign on the attraction of your site: it means that you are easily found (on Google, on social networks), you have worked well on your SEO. But the lower this rate, the more you have former or current visitors (customers or not elsewhere) who visit your website. And that, according to our initial premise, is excellent news! Why would you say to me, you who wish to have lots of new propsects? In fact, we are often dazzled by the number of sessions or users, when we do not spend our time on the “real time” tab (something tells me that some of you recognize yourself here). When in reality, it would be good to be interested in the propention of new visitors .

To this end, you can take a look at this page, where Mia gives us some reading keys that are quite relevant to analyze her statistics with Google Analytics . Example: in the dashboard “captured” above, we see a little over 82% of new visitors. Which is a lot, even surely too much. You follow me ? In other words, these visitors (customers, prospects, leads) come only once to consult said site …

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