You’ve set your SMART goals , making sure they’re measurable .
And now you Paraguay Email List to know where you stand , have your goals been achieved? Are you far from the expected result? We offer you reporting tools to measure the impact of your actions on social networks and optimize your digital strategy .

Digital Coaching – A remote digital expert guide – (Source Management Digital Conseil, Stephane FRABOUL) A digital distance training In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic , coaching is mainly practiced in remote e-learning, with video-conference or telephone sessions . Your coaching can fit into a tight schedule since the exchanges take place within your company itself, depending on your organization .

Native Social Network Analysis Tools (Free)

Let’s start with the basics: you can find data directly on social networks with the tools they offer. Do not hesitate to abuse it if you manage few pages. For example on Facebook, you just have to click on the “statistics” tab of your page and you can export all the data for the chosen period.

Paraguay Email List

You choose the date and time, define a repetitive time slot according to the most opportune moment and you optimize your personal management accordingly. Coaching does not stop at urban spaces. Solutions exist to coach you in rural areas and even those of -10,000 inhabitants . Trainers can travel by van and come to you, as part of digital nomadic digital workshops !

A Specific Reporting Tool: Databox (Paid)

If you are looking for a tool to bring all your reporting together in one place, then Databox is for you. It allows to connect directly with the data sources (if the API, facade by which a software offers services to other software, allows it) such as Facebook, Google analytics or LinkedIn etc. in order to make live reporting . And besides, it’s beautiful 🙂

How to make the right choice between online training and personalized digital coaching?
The differentiating aspect of digital coaching compared to traditional training is the hyper-personalized support of the formula . The digital coach also gives you marketing tips or practical advice that will be absent from a classic training course whose information is rather top-down. You become an actor of your change, and immediately put your learning into practice.

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